Revision of the constitution of the Chinese Academy of Sciences — science and technology roselip

The revision of "constitution" China Academy of Science – technology – released the original title: "the revised constitution" China Academy of Sciences published newspaper Beijing September 6th news (reporter Ding Jia) reporter learned from the Chinese Academy of Sciences, Chinese Academy of Sciences has recently issued by the meeting examined and adopted the "constitution" China Academy of Sciences (hereinafter referred to as the "academy" revised chapter) version. The revision of "hospital" chapter released, the Chinese Academy of Sciences to accurately grasp the national innovation and development of the new requirements, to adapt to the new situation of world science and technology development, in-depth implementation of the first action plan to speed up the reform, innovation and development, provide the basis and guarantee system more perfect, is conducive to better play the backbone of the National Academy of science and technology power leading strategy role, make important innovation contribution for building an innovative country in China and the world science and technology. "The hospital" revised chapter key reflects the new requirements of the new era of the party and the country gives a new mission and new tasks and national innovation driven development strategy and comprehensive deepening reform, reflects the "first action plan put forward the goals and tasks of hospital policy, clarifying and strengthening the Chinese Academy of Sciences as a national strategic positioning, scientific and technological strength mission and responsibility; implement the national science and Technology Innovation Conference, summed up in recent years, science and technology system reform experience, absorb the Institute of classification reform and research activities of the organization, the academician system, personnel system, evaluation system and other aspects of science and technology achievements, embodied with the spirit of reform and innovation development direction; strengthen the main responsibility to adhere to the Party leadership, strengthen the construction and implementation of the party’s overall strictly according to the provisions of the new period; the relevant policies of the party and the state, Other relevant content made a systematic revision. At the same time, also pay attention to maintaining the relative stability of the basic system of norms, and to further explore the space for reform. The revision process, the CAS party several case studies on major revision, organizational issues in-depth discussions, and to solicit opinions and suggestions, and actively adopted inside and outside the hospital, fully reflects the democratic management of the hospital, hospital opening spirit. The revised "College" in addition to the new chapter of "preface", including general principles, leadership system, academicians and faculty, organization management, technology management, human resources development and management, asset and financial management, etc. the eight Chapter 56 of annex. "Hospital" chapter revision after the release, the Chinese Academy of Sciences will also be on the "other comprehensive management research institute China regulations" management system revised hospital units subordinate organizations to carry out regulations revision work, with "College Chapter" relevant content of unity. At the same time, it will be timely to select some of the research institutes, the development of the Institute to carry out the work of the constitution, to further promote the construction of modern hospital management system. It is understood that the "academy" chapter is the foundation of the system of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, Chinese Academy of Sciences, clear mission, orientation, values, leadership and organization system and management norms, should abide by the basic principle is the core of the internal system and external system of norms in various activities, is a programmatic document guiding ideology, the unity of the work. The current "hospital chapter" was promulgated in 2006, ten years in the Chinese Academy of Sciences system construction and scientific research and management plays an important role. With the deepening of the reform of the state and the Chinese Academy of Sciences to speed up the reform, especially in recent years相关的主题文章: