Really super simple sense of sweet air editing tutorial to learn e2140

Really super simple sense of sweet air has lead: everyone has to learn the tutorial, but if you have a hair fluffy feeling, it seems a little old-fashioned, but caught too fluffy, and easy to look like crazy. In fact, in the editing process, a little more attention to detail more careful thinking, definitely improve your temperament, a second suction eye. (source: female beauty network) really super simple sense of sweet air has really learned to learn tutorial file is a very important skill, especially some Rapunzel, if the day would seem unkempt, the whole people are a lot of heavy, and hair looks much cleaner, so how to clean up nice? Hurry up with Xiaobian look at it. Style 1 Style 1 this hairstyle is very sweet temperament hair Oh, chic braided style is a little messy, no bangs design collocation, fresh and lively, with exquisite in braids on the hair girl is full of fairies. Step 1 Step 1 hair will be divided into three parts, both sides is in front of the ear hair, then back hair into a thick braid, press circle, will pull the hair from the braid, the braid became loose. Step 2 Step 2 will be equal to the side of the hair is divided into two parts, and then the hair and loose braids intertwined with the hairpin fixed on the other side of the hair, hair also processing. Step 3 and Step 3 with a rubber band to tie up the hair, hand hair dragged slightly loose point, finally hair pin fixed beam will be accomplished. Style 2 Style 2 a fresh and beautiful braided hair, lovely Liu Qi collocation on both sides of the hair, a simple modification of the face, plus fluffy tails, more gentle temperament. Step 1 Step 1 will be the first hair was slightly curled, and then hand to your hair, be careful to leave some hair in two temples, not only is more natural and optional, can also be modified face oh. Step 2 Step 2 hair is divided into two parts, the head is the upper part of the hair into braids, and in the preparation process, constantly adding other hair on both sides, and then probably waiting for Qi and ear position, the end of preparation of braid, tied with a ring. Step 3 Step 3 will last the rest of the hair in the hair with hair, evenly divided into three parts, continue to prepare the tails, such two tails are linked together, after the braids pulled loose, tied with a ring all done.相关的主题文章: