Real estate has become the largest lake reservoir 8l9840

Real estate has become the largest reservoir by the lake from the public, He Jiangbing WeChat (ID:hejiangbingjinrong) if the currency is water, so both the stock and incremental Chinese currency are the first in the world, why not feel severe inflation? And a strong devaluation? Since the world’s first water, then why did not send a flood? Because there are two places can be stored so that you will not be aware of, one is the stock market, one is the property market. These two places regardless of stock prices or prices will not be included in the Statistics Bureau CPI, the rent can be counted, but no entry channels, the basic can be ignored. The stock market is not a good reservoir, there will be a. The real estate is absolutely the best currency China flood of the reservoir, and flood diversion area. Now, this reservoir has become the largest nuclear fission China lake, improper disposal or be unbearable to contemplate the consequences than Japan lost ten years more serious. Why not currency and inflation of real estate plays a function of dates in Iraq since the reform and opening up, Chinese the worst feeling is the last century in 80s after the price system, the price of the goods, washed off for two years, rose too fast, but will soon be over, mobile phone, home appliances and car prices is the norm. Over the past decade, the National Bureau of statistics released CPI rose generally around 3%, many people expressed doubts and perplexity, first of all, from the growth and the stock of broad money M2, will make people incredible, GDP annual growth rate of 7% in GDP, M2 or even higher at around 13%. About ten years ago, when he was vice chairman of the CBRC, the China China Everbright Group Chairman Mr. Tang Shuangning wrote an article "financial" articles such as water, the financial sector is the first financial is water, this paper also wrote a freely flowing style of writing this article analysis, here is not. The article referred to the dam, water, etc.. At the beginning of the end of the reform and opening up M2 is 166 billion 100 million yuan, the end of ten years ago, M2 is $345578 billion, the end of this year, the end of 8, M2 balance of $151 trillion and 100 billion in 2006. The current stock of money is 909 times more than it was 36 years ago, about the same as it was ten years ago, a factor of 4.37. According to reports, the total amount of M2 Chinese equivalent to the United States and the euro area, either incremental or stock, the amount of money China are the first in the world is true, then why did not appear similar to Ethiopia, vnezuela Commission and other countries as hyperinflation? Chinese the old generation of leaders is Chen Yun in charge of the economy, recorded in "Chen Yun anthology". Comrade Chen Yun said, in 1962 the amount of money to reach thirteen billion yuan, while the circulation of the community as long as $seven billion, another $six billion to do? Is to engage in a number of high priced goods, all of a sudden to recover six billion yuan, the market price is stable". Peking University professor Zhou Qiren (a former member of the central bank’s Monetary Policy Committee), wrote an article, during its members talked about, that is the story of the 60s century, when Iraq dates, import, sell 5 yuan per Jin – that’s 5 dollars in 1960s! I checked the 5 dollars.相关的主题文章: