Putin, the Soviet Union could have reformed rather than watched as it disintegrated ca1810

Putin: the Soviet Union can reform rather than watching the disintegration of the Soviet Union: the original title: Putin can reform, no need to destroy it "the Communist Party of the Soviet Union should implement power group reform, rather than seeing the collapse of the Soviet union." Recently, Russian President Putin said. According to Russia today website reported on September 23rd that Putin is in the "United Russia" Party (hereinafter referred to as the Russian Party) again victory, saying this to the party leader Medvedev. Putin said, "you all know that my attitude towards the Soviet Union is not necessary. At that time, reform measures could be taken, including increased democracy. But I would like to point out that the Communist Party, the leader of our country at that time, the Soviet Union, is not the dominant force of any other." Recently, Putin and Russia to participate in the activities of the party to participate in this election, Russia, the United States and the party to refresh their record created in 2007, won 450 seats in the 343. According to Russian media news, after the election, Putin said he intends to develop multi-party system in Russia, and support the non partisan organizations. Putin said that the west is afraid of the revival of the Soviet Union, although we do not have this plan. The successor of the Soviet Communist Party, the Communist Party of Russia, is currently a member of the Russian parliament’s various political forces. The party leader Zyuganov had complained to Putin, the Communist Party in the election have been unfairly treated, to reduce its seats in parliament. Zyuganov said, "our political system, a total of 77 political parties, there are 14 political parties in Congress to compete for seats, (too much) affect the daily discussion in the parliament. I don’t think it’s good." Data figure: Putin and Gorbachev talk to the Observer reported, Russian President Putin in a speech in January this year in the Russian people’s front at the forum said that he has preserved the Communist Party of the Soviet Union party card, and pointed out that he still love communism. He also believes that the socialist ideology is correct, but at that time the Soviet Union has not been well implemented and implemented. As early as in April 2005, Russian President Putin once in a public conversation in Congress, the Soviet Union called the biggest geopolitical catastrophe of the century". Putin this evaluation was widely interpreted as the media, Moscow Kremlin hopes to restore socialism. However, Russian leaders repeatedly refuted this view, Putin said that he meant that after the collapse of the Soviet Union, the negative impact of extreme nationalism, changing the daily lives of everyone. Putin believes that the socialist ideology is correct, but at the time of the Soviet Union has not been well implemented and the implementation of   responsible editor: Zhang Xiaoya相关的主题文章: