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Purchase tax is halved, 1.6T really better than 1.6L? Auto – Sohu as we all know, T is a small displacement turbocharged engine, power is strong advantages, but its shortcomings are high price, high fuel consumption, maintenance costs are high, the improper use of the naturally aspirated engine is better. However, without the T naturally aspirated engine, the technology is relatively mature, good quality stability, maintenance costs are not high. But the performance is not as good as the same displacement with T. In the Car Buying if the choice of small displacement engine will enjoy the purchase tax cut policy, because the power of engine unit caused by different acceleration and feelings are very different, of course, the price also has the obvious difference, whether turbocharged and naturally aspirated which good? We do today. In fact, the power generated by the T is heat and recovery of mechanical energy (by increasing the thermal efficiency achieved), without the only pure heat T. Coupled with T engine than with the power of the engine is much lighter, and can save a part of power, so in the presence of oil with T is very obvious. But with the T engine the engine temperature is very high, short life, high accident rate, but fuel-efficient power! Without the power of the T is small, the engine temperature is relatively low and long life, as long distance running in the city more than the owners do not T. So, turbocharged in the end good? 1.6L good, or 1.6T good? The car fitted with a turbocharger has a certain difference from the large displacement car. Turbines usually have a common problem, to start the turbine must reach a certain amount of exhaust gas in order to truly achieve the effectiveness of the turbine, so the low-speed and the initial stage of the turbine does not work. For example, a 1.6T turbocharged car, starting acceleration will not be faster than 1.6L. But when the intervention, the 1.6T power will come up, so if you seek to control the feelings, turbocharged engine is not suitable for you, if you are running high speed turbo like, it is extraordinarily useful. An engine fitted with a turbocharger, when the maximum power and not with the supercharger CF can be increased by 40% of the most common 1.6T turbocharged engine, the turbocharged 1.8L engine can reach the power back, even the 2.0L engine fuel consumption level, but not much higher than the 1.6 engine, on another level it is through the fuel economy and emissions decline. In the same car, 1.6T models are usually higher than the quoted price of 1.6L models 2 to 30 thousand, usually 1.6T quotes and 1.8L and even 2.0L is almost the same. Turbocharged so that the engine in the case of horsepower less displacement, in line with the current trend of energy-saving emission reduction. The self aspirated engine in the protection of the offer, ride and other aspects of the more excellent. 1.6L cheaper, 1.6T more environmentally friendly. Later maintenance costs 1.6T greater than 1.6L, each will be more than 200. Warm reminder that there are people who like driving preferences will choose 1.6T but large相关的主题文章: