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Poachers in net capture some birds are migratory birds eat endangered species – Beijing now is the mature rice season in Haidian District, eight South of the village of paddy fields, golden rice is waiting for the harvest. Many migratory birds move south along the waterway are here to rest. However, yesterday morning, careful users found that someone actually in this piece of paddy fields on the bird nets to catch birds, some birds hanging on the line struggling, but of no avail, meet their ultimate fate is death. Eight road network live birds died in Haidian District on the town is a rural asphalt road, along the east-west road then go west one kilometer to eight village. Just went to the eight road, road on the north side of a golden rice fields to greet, heavy rice is gently swaying with the breeze. Reporters noted that around this piece of rice, even around a circle near clapnet. Reporter carefully counted, there are more than and 20 nets. These nets are made of fine nylon silk woven, not carefully look at all can not see. They are slender bamboo stir around the surrounding rice fields. Close to the paddy field on the eastern side of the bird net, but also keep the remains of 6 birds. They are hanging on the line, the flesh has been eaten, leaving only the bones and fine feathers. Reporters saw, these birds long black feathers, there is a feather showing emerald green. Let birds fly to Beijing project leader Silva told reporters that the feather bird is green kingfisher, belongs to Beijing city two protected birds. Poachers catch migratory bird Silva said, yesterday morning, he saw three men in the paddy fields branch bird netting. These are poachers, now migrating, and many small birds have flown to Beijing. These people catch a bird named Siberian Rubythroat, this summer in the North Chinese bird breeding, autumn migration to the south in winter Chinese. From September to November, south of the Siberian Rubythroat will pass through Beijing. Because they are not too far away from the water, they are the best places to go. Find someone poaching Siberian Rubythroat, Silva phone call the police, forest police after the three Fowler by the Haidian forestry department. Silva on the periphery of the net was dismantled. "Clinging to two birds, I got back down." Silva told reporters, like the bird in the Siberian Rubythroat flyover bird market price is two thousand yuan a. Some birds are eating an endangered species it is understood that every seasonal migratory birds, some bird see the inside of the business, have mobilized to catch birds. They will be caught to sell bird bird City, some birds will be sold to restaurants venison. Silva told reporters, the bird catcher in the paddy fields branch network, on the one hand is a lot of birds to paddy fields foraging, there is some birds during migration from the boiling water. For example yellow chest? This bird also love to go to the rice fields, but they are not Siberian Rubythroat lucky, in most cases will be sold to restaurants venison. "Some birds have been eaten into endangered species!" Silva is very angry. Reporter Li Huan Yu and camera J002相关的主题文章: