People’s Daily poverty alleviation industry, the story is bound to help the rich poor – Sohu comment

People’s Daily: Industrial poverty, making up the story is bound to help the rich poor – Sohu review people’s daily on November 20th news, poverty can not be separated from the industry, there is a kind of industry poverty is worrying. The day before participating in a poverty alleviation spot, the person in charge of the enterprise to introduce the experience: the company transfer of poor villages land to build a base, engage in mushroom greenhouses, poor households in poverty alleviation fund shares, stuck in the industrial chain, land rent, salaries, bonus shares to work, become "gold" farmers. Income account, one year will be able to get rid of poverty. The delegates lively observation, leave the car for half an hour. I left the village to ask, that is not really just see. The 105 poor households, at the base of work, there are dividends only 20 households, covering most of the other minority, poor households have opinions. In addition, stock dividend only 3 years, according to the statement, after 3 years of poor households to learn technology, can be rented base greenhouses, can also develop their own fangqianwuhou. A village cadres revealed the reasons, the county set a 2017 advance out of poverty, 3 years to the point just bonus tube. Poor households in the future can really stabilize poverty? Many people said: the technology is difficult to invest, a shed light fungus stick will be more than 30 thousand yuan, want to take over is not easy." So poverty, the surface of the company with the poor households, in fact, poor households into difficult, difficult to continue to develop, the industry is good, but also with their little relationship. Not for a moment of poverty hat, but to achieve stable poverty. So in order to complete the task of "the story" out of poverty ", is to resort to deceit formalism, to help the rich to poverty alleviation. Interview at the grassroots level, this phenomenon is not a case. Behind it highlights a number of cadres mind poverty, political impulse. Poverty alleviation, governments at all levels to invest heavily, but more money, and some places will not spend. The industry is not a good idea, give money to the thing, no, the task is not finished, so they want to take shortcuts. Poverty alleviation funds in the enterprise a turn, in part to the name of the dividend to the poor households, poverty alleviation effect". The name of industrial poverty, but play a "numbers game" must correct view this "Deviation" performance. Industrial development is not easy, poverty alleviation industry is more difficult. Poor areas based on thin, poor conditions, low cultural quality, poor older, the production capacity is weak. Identify the industry, at the head, should be based on local resources, but also for poverty alleviation object characteristics; not excessive pursuit of "tall", also cannot set a high threshold; it is necessary to consider the short term, but also take into account the long-term. This requires cadres Shen pants, grasping each other, let the poor households really involved, do, affordable, long benefit, such industrial poverty can become "blood transfusion" to "blood", enhance their self-development ability. The countryside has its own rules. The causes of poverty, poverty, and diverse needs of multiple, on the previous "one spirit" approach is very difficult. In some places, every project, a big industry ", blindly aggressive too. A grassroots cadres admitted that the county to promote black goat poverty alleviation project loans, the pilot market, the effect is good, but some poor households is not dry. There is a lack of labor, care.相关的主题文章: