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Password: industrial capital placards reported hidden industrial integration strategic scheme of sina finance App: Live on-line blogger to listen to expert guidance on forest stock selection Jiepan Niugu tournament / reporter Li Xingcai Qin secret password placards, editor Wu Zhengyi a quite distinct from each other of the placards line, pull out countless capital competing stories. According to the information statistics, this year, the Shanghai and Shenzhen two city accumulated 73 placards, involving 41 listed companies, of which 15 companies were attacked two times above. Placards capture "prey", not only the poor performance companies also have high-quality blue chip. Once the capital over 5% of the placards line, like sounded offensive assembly, will debut one after another infighting. Consider the introduction is in confrontation and circuitous placards "prey", whether the investment logic? And what kind of capital conspiracy? The strategy of integration of industrial capital spending in the A stock market is not a trivial matter, placards. Why? One word: expensive. According to statistics, excluding a few newly listed shares, the total market value of A shares the lowest for *ST imperial units, with its latest market value of 22 million yuan calculation, at least $110 million to buy 5% shares. In fact, the vast majority of placards, spend at least to hundreds of millions of yuan, the recent shake the market Hengda placards Vanke, Hengda, total cost is close to 10 billion dollars. As many as 73 of the placards war, who is spending billions of dollars? According to the analysis, the identity of the diversified features of placards, both large state-owned enterprises, such as two placards *ST hair purple group, the rise of several placards Hengshun Qingdao City Investment Holdings, and placards TCL group companies such as Guangdong Guangxin holdings have to risk capital; the financial predators, such as Qianhai life insurance, Kuo Hua life, hundreds of years of life etc.. The other leading companies and investment institutions including all kinds of information, such as the Jiangyin state investment centre in Botai Yao Department’s (limited partnership) three degrees placards faersheng, Jiacheng Thai culture is the two big city placards. Some individual shareholders also showed strong strength, such as Li Qin Luqiao, Ma Shufen Chengdu has repeatedly placards placards, the two Tibet development Xitang placards China software. Industrial capital is still the main placards. As a state owned company or local state-owned enterprises, the industry integration and guide the investment objective is clear, such as the typical Guangxin holdings of TCL Group Holdings placards, the disclosure of the intention is to maintain the stability of the capital market, which is consistent with the local government support plate industry development strategy. An obvious feature is that the placards mainly for local businesses, such as a subject of the new holding placards GSST located in Dongguan, Qingdao City Investment Holdings placards Hengshun Zhong Sheng also Qingdao local enterprises. Some private capital placards strategy is relatively clear, and behind the scenes are industrial capital backing. If the placards Yongxin shares Origen, the two companies belong to the packaging industry; previously, retail companies launched on peer companies placards. Another competitor is ferocious placards, in addition to Vanke, the three placards Langfang development. Haitong Securities Research Report that, in the context of soaring land prices相关的主题文章: