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The first college textbooks in Fujian Anxi tea health first – Beijing, Beijing, September 26 Anxi Xinhua (reporter Sun Hong) Guoneishoubu University Health Science Textbooks — "tea tea health", 26 in "Chinese Oolong Tea" township of Anxi County in Fujian province first. The reporter learned from the premiere, "tea health science" will be widely used in Colleges and universities across the country, professional, and became a part of higher education majors, compulsory and elective courses. "Health tea" co written by experts and scholars of universities, Fujian Agriculture And Forestry University, Ningde Normal University, Wuyi University Fujian open university. The contents include scientific research and data of tea health care, tea health care, tea health care, tea health care, tea and health care. Lin Jinke, President of the Anxi Institute of tea, Fujian Agriculture And Forestry University, told reporters that the scientific experiments and clinical practice of modern medicine have proved that tea has many health functions. Tea health care has become a new hot research field in modern medicine, pharmacy and tea science. Therefore, it is necessary to write a textbook of tea health. It is worth mentioning that the "health" tea a book to a lot of space to introduce various health components and health function of Anxi Tieguanyin Tea. Tea from the prevention of endocrine, trauma, facial features, gynecology, pediatrics and a variety of psychological disease prevention and health care, finishing the provision of hundreds of tea health care side. The same day, Lin Jinke entitled Anxi Tieguanyin Tea and health lectures, in plain English "introduced the latest achievements in the research Anxi Tieguanyin Tea health tea health science", the lecture is full of rich and insightful academic knowledge, accept and take into account the first-line managers and practitioners, is a Tang valuable academic guidance and popularization of theory class, health class. Lin Jinke said that the health of China’s construction is advancing, advocating the whole society to promote a healthy and civilized way of life, to create a green and healthy environment to reduce disease. Anxi Tieguanyin Tea and Tao, natural and elegant beauty, is a healthy and civilized way of life. "Therefore, common sense health the popularity of Anxi Tieguanyin Tea in the whole society is particularly important." (end)相关的主题文章:

4 year old baby children’s swimming pool drowning, security alarm awakens maternal parents – Sohu jinshen

4 year old baby children’s swimming pool drowned, security alarm woke up before the maternal parents – Sohu, who lives in Tianhe District Bao’s couples with 4 year old daughter Xiao Xiao (a pseudonym) and 2 year old son to the children in the park Luhu park. "At that time, my mother went shopping, and I took my daughter and son in the swimming pool. Probably played for half an hour, the son is not accustomed to the pool, I hold him to stand up, a look back, his daughter disappeared." The child’s father said that the children in the swimming pool were all in their bathing suits. It seemed that he had not found his daughter in the pool for a few minutes. After watching the monitor found that he was looking for a child with the child’s route is the opposite direction; Xiao Xiao ashore, to about 100 meters deep water area. At that time, the monitoring showed that the iron gate between the shallow water and the deep water area did not turn off. Xiao Xiao went in. About 10 minutes later, the public will be swimming in the deep water area children picked up from the water, when the child has purple lips, stomach bloated. "When I took the child, she was dead." The child’s father said, the child was sent to hospital for an hour after the announcement of the dead, the medical certificate of death (inferred) book shows that the child died of drowning. It is understood that Xiao Xiao is about 1.1 meters tall, shallow water depth of about half a meter, and the water deep water area 1.5 ~ 1.7 meters. Reporters on the scene saw the shallow water and deep water area has a slope connected, there are iron fence separated. Have an iron gate on the shore, affixed the reminder "children under 1.4 meters without your parents may not have deep water and deep water. Parents accompany children through the deep water area and the water, please take care of the safety of the child." The child’s father believes that when the incident did not close the iron gate, the child did not find the drowning in the deep water rescue and other problems show that children’s paradise mismanagement. In this regard, the person in charge of the pool Le Guangzhou Parkway Amusement Park Co. Ltd., Mr. Zhang said, the pool has been closed for business, the relevant departments are investigating. For the iron gate does not lock the problem, the person in charge of the swimming pool responded that the iron gate lock for many years; as lifeguards, was not the family members said there was no lifeguard presence. The pool usually has five lifeguards, four in a fixed position, one responsible for patrol." The person in charge of the swimming pool said, at that time, more people, did not find the child fell into the water, but when the child was picked up, monitoring shows that the lifeguard ran across from the rescue. This statement has been Luhu park official Minister Wu confirmed that "at Luhu park is also the first time in evacuation. There are lifeguards on the scene to take emergency measures for children. As a children’s playground supervisor, after the accident, we immediately set up a leading group to deal with the accident, to assist the public security organs investigation, supervise the park contractor properly handle the aftermath of the accident, and the children’s Park to suspend business for rectification, to conduct a comprehensive safety inspection of Park facilities." Source: Guangzhou daily [Sohu] remind maternal and child safety regardless of right and wrong, we regret that a life lost at the same time, also sounded the alarm for parents! Measures to prevent drowning in children: 1.相关的主题文章:

What kind of hairstyle should I change The tide has already decided these four paragraphs for you tataufo

What kind of hairstyle should I change? You have to decide the trend of the four lead: although has more than half the year, but the September school season always gives people a sense of re starting, recent study of the inverse water sign coincides with the period when everything goes wrong, especially want to change other wood! (source: ELLE Chinese network) Yang Zi on micro-blog PO out of their hair as Yang Zi in the micro-blog PO out of their hair, both Haircut and Hair Coloring, a big change! The long hair cut into a LOB long hair cut from the head of the LOB, from the pure black dyed linen, and had very different aura. Song Jia also has a cut also dyed the actress is Song Jia, from the LOB head cut into neat hair, and in this summer more than once! Hair color change frequently from the early August to the end of August the light grey and pink gold, from the photo, although the hair color change frequently, but the good hair care she still has a supple hair. Foundation is good, like a bit. Without the courage to dye and cut? Never mind, want to let you fall in this hairstyle upgrade, have the following four "don’t make snap" method can easily dress! There is a sense of the level of the straight hair, a clavicle layered silky hair clavicle winter 2016 Milan fashion week Byblos Milano complaisant straight hair can change the hair to suction eye, very layered pruning, not only to face, and the autumn bleak sense and complement each other. Jennifer Lawrence Jennifer Lawrence popular hair flush time is over, with a rich sense of the more provocative. Kim Kardashian Kim Kardashian on behalf of the autumn brown hair color is a good choice. Karen Gillan Karen Gillan level is not only long after the short, the left and right sides of the tail length has a distinctive personality. Jiang Shuying Jiang Shuying falls in the clavicular fossa long hair is undoubtedly the most ideal length, will you show the advantages of perfect. Single volume three, let the natural transition has become your punchline despite the popular trend has been changing the length of hair, but hair elements never be eliminated, but more and more is not limited to long hair. Everyone has different styles of love, this is a good chance for you to interpret personality. Kristen Stewart Kristen Stewart BOB in the head of central pick a strand of hair from the top to the end of 2/3, outside the Alice hair show nifty. Lucy Hale Lucy Hale LOB the length of head can play tricks up. A series of three strands braided to the hair tail from the top of the central, fixed with a small rubber band, and then combining it with the rest of the hair into a ponytail. Gaia Weiss Weiss from both sides of the hair pick up the scorpion braid, and then in the Gaia.相关的主题文章:

Foreign Ministry responded to Chinese fishing boats South Korea sank the police hope that the ROK ca brock lesnar

Foreign Ministry responded to Chinese fishing boats sank Han police boat: the ROK hopes to calm – Beijing October 10, 2016 Foreign Ministry spokesman Geng Shuang held a regular press conference Q: according to reports, the UN Secretary General Ban Ki-moon recently said in a statement, "Paris agreement" in November 4th will be officially effective. U.S. President Obama said in a speech, the agreement comes into force is a historic moment, which will be a turning point in the global response to the process of change. What is China’s comment on this? A: the Paris accord will come into force in less than a year, and it is one of the fastest in the history of the international treaty. Entry into force of the "Paris agreement" is a new starting point of the multilateral process of global climate governance, will lead into the new stage of global green low-carbon development. At the same time, the "Paris accord" is a model of international cooperation to meet global challenges, but also provides an important reference for other areas of global governance. As a responsible developing country, China has taken concrete actions to deal with climate change, actively participated in international climate governance, and made positive contributions to promoting the early entry into force of the Paris agreement and the agreement. Not long ago, President Xi Jinping and President Obama to join the United Nations Secretary General Ban Ki-moon attended the "Paris agreement" with the approval of the book, laid the foundation for the effective agreement in advance. China is willing to continue to strengthen cooperation with all parties in addressing climate change issues, to promote the effective implementation of the Paris agreement, the agreement to promote follow-up negotiations to promote global green, low-carbon, sustainable development. Q: it is reported that a Chinese 7 fishing boats fishing illegally in South Korean waters, South Korean coastguard boats sank, the South Korean government on this incident made an appointment with the Consul General of Chinese in Korea, and lodged a strong protest, the South Korean government is looking for someone aboard the fishing boat. In this regard, the Chinese government’s position? A: we have noted that the report has been through our Embassy in Korea to understand the situation, we are currently working with the relevant departments to further verify the situation. We hope that the ROK from regional stability of bilateral relations, starting, calm and rational to handle relevant issues. Q: today is the anniversary of the Korean workers’ party, China has sent a congratulatory message? In addition, there are reports that North Korea has recently increased the possibility of the sixth nuclear test, China’s comment on this? Answer: first, the two countries are friendly neighbors, the two parties and the two countries have maintained long-term friendly exchanges between the traditional. October 10th is the Korean labor party 71 anniversary, the Chinese side has already expressed his congratulations to the dprk. The second question, we note that the relevant reports. Under the current circumstances, we strongly urge the parties concerned not to take action to exacerbate tensions on the peninsula. Q: Recently, the U.S. Congress to overthrow President Obama’s veto of the way through the "Justice Act" against Terrorism Act allows supporters, U.S. citizens took place in U. S. territory and caused the death of the terrorist attacks of U.S. citizens to the United States Court of foreign government. Some countries expressed serious concern about the bill of the United States. Would you like to comment on this? A: China firmly opposes terrorism in all its forms, and supports the international community in conducting counter-terrorism cooperation. China believes that international cooperation against terrorism should play a joint.相关的主题文章:

People’s Daily poverty alleviation industry, the story is bound to help the rich poor – Sohu comment

People’s Daily: Industrial poverty, making up the story is bound to help the rich poor – Sohu review people’s daily on November 20th news, poverty can not be separated from the industry, there is a kind of industry poverty is worrying. The day before participating in a poverty alleviation spot, the person in charge of the enterprise to introduce the experience: the company transfer of poor villages land to build a base, engage in mushroom greenhouses, poor households in poverty alleviation fund shares, stuck in the industrial chain, land rent, salaries, bonus shares to work, become "gold" farmers. Income account, one year will be able to get rid of poverty. The delegates lively observation, leave the car for half an hour. I left the village to ask, that is not really just see. The 105 poor households, at the base of work, there are dividends only 20 households, covering most of the other minority, poor households have opinions. In addition, stock dividend only 3 years, according to the statement, after 3 years of poor households to learn technology, can be rented base greenhouses, can also develop their own fangqianwuhou. A village cadres revealed the reasons, the county set a 2017 advance out of poverty, 3 years to the point just bonus tube. Poor households in the future can really stabilize poverty? Many people said: the technology is difficult to invest, a shed light fungus stick will be more than 30 thousand yuan, want to take over is not easy." So poverty, the surface of the company with the poor households, in fact, poor households into difficult, difficult to continue to develop, the industry is good, but also with their little relationship. Not for a moment of poverty hat, but to achieve stable poverty. So in order to complete the task of "the story" out of poverty ", is to resort to deceit formalism, to help the rich to poverty alleviation. Interview at the grassroots level, this phenomenon is not a case. Behind it highlights a number of cadres mind poverty, political impulse. Poverty alleviation, governments at all levels to invest heavily, but more money, and some places will not spend. The industry is not a good idea, give money to the thing, no, the task is not finished, so they want to take shortcuts. Poverty alleviation funds in the enterprise a turn, in part to the name of the dividend to the poor households, poverty alleviation effect". The name of industrial poverty, but play a "numbers game" must correct view this "Deviation" performance. Industrial development is not easy, poverty alleviation industry is more difficult. Poor areas based on thin, poor conditions, low cultural quality, poor older, the production capacity is weak. Identify the industry, at the head, should be based on local resources, but also for poverty alleviation object characteristics; not excessive pursuit of "tall", also cannot set a high threshold; it is necessary to consider the short term, but also take into account the long-term. This requires cadres Shen pants, grasping each other, let the poor households really involved, do, affordable, long benefit, such industrial poverty can become "blood transfusion" to "blood", enhance their self-development ability. The countryside has its own rules. The causes of poverty, poverty, and diverse needs of multiple, on the previous "one spirit" approach is very difficult. In some places, every project, a big industry ", blindly aggressive too. A grassroots cadres admitted that the county to promote black goat poverty alleviation project loans, the pilot market, the effect is good, but some poor households is not dry. There is a lack of labor, care.相关的主题文章: