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New year cotton prices of squandering charming eyes Sina fund exposure table: the letter Phi lag of false propaganda, long-term performance is lower than similar products, to buy the fund by the pit how to do? Click [I want to complain], Sina help you expose them! Recently a friend asked, why not write articles, on this issue, it is necessary to explain, one is too many mixed things up a bit busy, there is another reason, I am familiar with the so-called friends should know that those are not high, no mole free live a hundred years, then after I will live a hundred years into the empty stage. It belongs to the gab, so get to the point, on the other hand, the market is very tangled, if from a fundamental point of view, is actually negative ones, but from the trend, prices continued to fall short when that launch, often a try for the price back to the central position. From the fundamentals of supply and demand, now enjoys a succession of new cotton acquisition, the price? Xinjiang, according to a survey of our own opinion, high lint percentage 6.8-7.0 yuan, kg, lint percentage generally 6.5 yuan kg near total conversion, which is basically around 6.5 compared to normal, and this price is in accordance with the current price of 1.35-1.4 yuan catty to cottonseed, regardless of clothing that water deficit miscellaneous costs are low surprisingly, only 13150 yuan per ton, but if you consider that showed a large number of listed after the cottonseed supply increases, the price fell to 1.2 to calculate, is also 13650 yuan ton. But there is a problem, it is now the vice of cotton and soybean oil and palm oil are still in shock interval, according to the current crop of cotton and cottonseed supply, cottonseed oil prices mainly depends on related oil prices, although there are from the United States and soybean yield and palm oil is empty, because of low inventory support prices, vegetable oil had potentially throwing storage bad, but overall, since there is no out of the big rangebound, then fell rose now seems to be difficult, as a result, cottonseed oil prices may also be a similar situation. For the meal cottonseed meal, the price previously fell first products, in recent days, continued to fall, can not see the downside too big. For short, is the change of use as the main production demand relatively rigid fine quality cotton and other reasons, so it is very difficult to have a sharp decline, as a result, cottonseed prices may actually be in after the new cotton market pressure, but fell sharply difficult. If the average price of 13400 according to 13150-13650 to consider if the freight shipped to the mainland and the platform inspection fee, the cost (this can not overload) in the vicinity of 13900, plus the cost of warehouse receipts and pay to January delivery warehouse interest, then the cost to reach near 14400, but if in accordance with the 3129-2129B quality to convert disk the price is only around 13500-13900, but does not mean that the futures price should fall to this position? Is not the difference, this is related to the recognition of the market premium and ZCE premium, of course, recognized by the market premium will not only concrete, the market will vote with their feet. Factors affecting cotton相关的主题文章: