NASA amazing activity on Jupiter’s moon

NASA: the moons of Jupiter found "amazing activity" – Sohu news [global technology reporter Cheng Junqiu] according to Taiwan’s United Daily News reported on September 26th, the U.S. National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) said, according to the Harbert Space Telescope image recording, NASA in the Jovian moon Europa (Europa, or Europa) found on "amazing activity", and in September 26th held a press conference to explain. Many experts said that Europa’s ice may have an ocean, life may exist even in some form. Before NASA announced that there is strong evidence that a liquid ocean crust beneath the Europa, favorable conditions for life. NASA said in a press conference of 26 days, astronomers will be announced after the results of the observation of europa. This observation is an amazing collection of evidence that might have something to do with the presence of an underground ocean. NASA said that in 2012, the Harbert space telescope observations of water vapor column from Europa’s Antarctic jet out on behalf of the plume probably from europa. According to reports, if the liquid is confirmed from pinnate underground ocean of Europa, scientists hope to directly study these scientific instruments equipped with liquid shuttle chemical composition and characteristics, does not need to drill Europa’s ice.相关的主题文章: