Nanjing, a bus rolling taxi driver has been controlled by the police candy boy

Nanjing a bus rolling taxi bus driver has been controlled by the police the intersection point 18:32 on October 23, 2016, Xianlin University City, the original road, a 97 bus from the south to the North via Xianlin Avenue intersection, and along the Xianlin Avenue from east to the north and turn right a taxi collided with the bus ride in a taxi on the body pressure. The accident resulted in the death of a female passenger on the taxi, the taxi driver was seriously injured, another passenger injury is lighter, no danger; bus drivers and two passengers on the bus was not injured. Bus driver Sohn has been controlled by the police. Cause of the accident is under investigation. The intersection of reporter Guo Yipeng reported earlier in October 23rd at 7:50 in the evening, Nanjing Xianlin collided in a 97 bus and taxi, according to onlookers said, a female passenger and the taxi driver died on the spot, the cause of the accident is still under investigation seven traffic police brigade. The accident occurred in the metro line two on the road near the mountain sheep Wonderland subway station, the taxi has been rescue go, a crane is the bus from the green belt hanging out. At the time of the incident, the bus is learning from the original road · University of traditional Chinese medicine Station to the University of traditional Chinese medicine station. The two car is just over there at the crossroads of Xianlin Avenue impact accident of broken glass, from the road from south to North in Paradise Lost forty or fifty meters. The onlookers sat in the car of a man and a woman two female passengers, dumped out of the bus passengers died on the spot, male passengers were injured and taken to hospital. The taxi was deflated, the driver trapped in the car for a long time, rescued after death. According to the official micro-blog Nanjing zero distance, the incident bus is Jiangnan second bus company bus 97, Su AL6837 from license plate number JN2-9042, the driver Sun Wei, 35 years of age, 17 years of driving experience. The car from Lingshan North Station Xianlin bound for NanJing Railway Station, vehicle to Wonderland Road, vehicle front screen and taxi collision, resulting in a taxi driver and a female passenger was killed and wounded a man immediately rushed to the Drum Tower Hospital treatment. The cause of the accident and responsibility identified by the traffic police seven brigade investigation. Meeting point reporter Lu Bin相关的主题文章: