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Microsoft: Xbox PS4 Pro – obviously Scorpio rolling gap Sohu SONY PS4 Pro digital to $399 since the price listed is still good sales performance gains, which makes Microsoft for the upcoming Xbox Scorpio host more confidence. Microsoft Xbox business leader Phil Spencer recently stressed: Xbox Scorpio is targeted for those high-end hardcore game player, it has a strong performance, so the price will be higher. Phil Spencer said, Xbox Scorpio will be by far the strongest performance of the game console, computing power can reach 6Tflops, all the first game works will support 4K resolution. All in all, the performance of Xbox Scorpio will exceed PS4 Pro, the gap between the two can even be described as "obvious". Currently, the industry generally speculated that Xbox Scorpio will be the same pricing strategy with PS4 Pro to $399 price listed. The idea that, even if the performance of the dominant Xbox Scorpio, but it may not be able to beat PS4 Pro, after all, the foundation of SONY’s new host is not bad, but there are new devices such as PS VR to enrich the experience.相关的主题文章: