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Meizu PRO 6S nothing changed but the progress of life – Sohu digital [mobile china news] polished for half a year, Meizu is about to launch a new flagship PRO 6s. However, through the exposure of the real machine diagram, with the appearance of PRO Meizu PRO 6S 6 compared to the basic nothing changes, is only in the back with the letter "s". That configuration? In addition to Li Nan exposure Meizu PRO 6S processor is still MediaTek, but now friends @ old explosion technology revealed that the phone’s battery capacity has not changed. Broke the news that Meizu PRO 6S battery capacity is only 2560mAh, consistent with PRO 6. However, according to insiders, its life has improved. In addition, the machine is equipped with Helio X25, using 5.2 inches 1080p screen, the appearance of basic no change. Overall, this more than half a year, Meizu released a slightly faster pace of new machines, but also in the appearance of the product innovation seems to encounter a bottleneck. After the launch of the appearance of millet millet Note 2 and millet MIX, Meizu PRO 6S with a constant shape debut will inevitably have some embarrassment. However, since spending time and time to grind, we have reason to believe that Meizu will bring some new features, all of which will be announced at the press conference on November 3rd, we can wait and see.相关的主题文章: