Meet in Zhejiang Province, Chen Wenxing, President of the 2016 freshmen at the opening ceremony of t tinyos

Meet in Zhejiang Science President Chen Wenxing speech at the 2016 freshmen at the opening ceremony of the dear classmates, teachers, ladies and gentlemen, when Victoria in September, the sequence of Sanqiu, in this harvest season, we meet a hundred years old school, held the opening ceremony, witnessed a new starting point of your life. You are my first president after the new students. On behalf of all the teachers and students, on behalf of the school Party committee and administration, I would like to extend my warmest welcome to you! I would like to extend my sincere greetings and heartfelt thanks to all the parents and friends! Students, starting today, you are college students! At this moment, everyone’s heart must be full of excitement, look forward to, and even some doubts. Zhejiang University is a kind of university? What should I do in the four years of "zhe Li"? How am I going to do it? As your senior, I want to talk about some experiences and feelings with their study and work experience. In 1980 I was admitted to "Zhejiang", has been studying here, work, life, time flies the years time, in the twinkling of an eye for 36 years! In my mind, "Zhejiang theory" is a university with a profound history. Today, the school has gone through 119 spring and autumn, we will usher in the 120 anniversary next year. In the more than and 100 years down the search, unremitting struggle, has made brilliant achievements, writing a shining chapter. School of painstaking education, generation of the teachers to write teaching Xingtan spring, spectrum, total national transport nearly two hundred thousand talents, including both the newspaper tycoon Shi Liangcai, the famous playwright Xia Yan, industrialist dujinsheng and the older generation of masters He Xing industry only, also known as the "leading people to get rich" after "70" and "Zhou Yi Rong Ju 2009 China entrepreneurship list" list "80" Kim Jin, two times more as a postgraduate World Internet Conference etiquette fashion designer Zhu Jianlong classmates. "Zhejiang theory" is a powerful university. At present, the school has become a mainly, highlight the advantages and distinctive features, provincial universities of science, arts, economics and management, law, art, education and other disciplines of the coordinated development of our province is few and has the right to confer doctoral degrees with a post doctoral research station in Colleges and universities. In recent years, the reform of education and teaching, develop steadily continuously upgrade the quality of scientific and technological innovation and social service ability to continue to enhance the level of international education personnel increased significantly, running strength is growing strong, growing reputation, social influence is growing. In order to book even the mainland Chinese university rankings as a reference standard, the national ranking of the school year after year to climb, this year has been ranked 116th. "Zhe Li" is a school with rich resources. "Zhejiang" strong teachers, a group including the Ministry of education, the National Outstanding Youth National Changjiang Scholars, thousands of people plan talent, the national people plan talent leader and national young experts with outstanding contributions at the forum, an example of students. "Zhejiang" advanced facilities, more than 20 national and ministerial level teaching and research platform (base), a rich collection of library resources, help teachers and students to explore the unknown, "Zhejiang gallop Xuehai; Li Tong相关的主题文章: