Ma Changli remains farewell ceremony held on 26 portraying villain Diao Deyi – Beijing

Ma Changli remains farewell ceremony held on 26 portraying "villain" Diao Deyi – Beijing Beijing Opera micro-blog official. Beijing Beijing, November 24 Xinhua (reporter Song Yusheng) 23 reporter learned from the Beijing Peking Opera Theatre, the famous Peking Opera artist Ma Changli remains farewell ceremony will be held on November 26, 2016 (Saturday) morning 9:00 in Beijing Babaoshan funeral home East auditorium. 22 days, Beijing opera official micro-blog published an obituary that Peking Opera artist Mr. Ma Changli died on November 22nd at the Beijing Friendship Hospital, at the age of 86. According to media reports, Ma Changli’s son-in-law Du Zhenjie said, the old father Mr. Ma Changli was not a long time, because the hospital treatment of urinary tract infection, on the weekend 22 days into the ICU, due to organ failure reasons such as death, "not too much pain, walking very serene". "Last week in the ward, I heard my father-in-law next year ‘dream Ze" series of performances will restore two old bones play, give me talk about "Wu Shuhen" and "even the camp"." He said. Ma Changli was born in 1930, Peking Opera is the head of the fourth generation disciple of Tan Fuying, Ma school founder Mr. Ma Lianliang yoshiko. Ma Changli was in Beijing Rong Chun social class talents, learn from Liu Shengtong and Laosheng Chuke formed Yang school, after the worship Fuying Tan teacher, and Ma Lianliang, Li Shaochun pointing. It can sing a variety of genres of drama learn widely from others’strong points. He sang "Wu Zixu" "lost" "kongchengji" Jieting "and reflects the" cut Ma Su Yang School of art, dignified and elegant mellow flavor characteristics; he sang the "four scholars" "kanroji" shows the horse art, elegant chic pretty colorful style. Ma Changli has performed in many modern drama, the audience is most familiar is he in the modern drama "Shajiabang" in shaping the villain Diao Deyi kuomintang. In addition, he played in "the red lantern" in Li Yu and, in the "tiger" to play the role of "chief of staff". Ma Changli served in the Peking Opera "Shajiabang" plays Diao Deyi. Source: People’s daily official micro-blog. After the "Cultural Revolution", Ma Changli at the Beijing opera, began 10 years of traditional drama career. "Because I’m not a family, there is no sub factions, all the old play I can sing. So, until retirement." He has said to the media. Later, Ma Changli walked off the stage. He said: "although I do not mind the old, the heart is not old, but the appearance is really old, temperament has changed, not to stay on the stage to make the audience applauded meaningless, it is better to leave the stage for young people." In addition, the reporter also learned from the Beijing opera, according to Ma Changli’s wishes and views of the families, the simple funeral, no mourning. (end)相关的主题文章: