Liu Run in the most traditional industries, it is the most advanced concept to seize the 100 million restorator

Liu Run: in the traditional industry, it is with the most advanced concept to seize 100 million new middle – Sohu technology consulting founder Liu Runrun meters in the transformation of the Internet expert and former director of strategic cooperation Chinese Microsoft’s largest private business school "Liu Run business school 5 minutes?" first appeared in "Founding humanistic Business Review" magazine business review editor with China one hundred million new middle is on the rise, but the big cake is not easy to eat. Female fashion buyers shop chain brand "zero fashion" business over the past 3 years to try a lot of fresh gameplay, worthy of our traditional brand owner and entity reference. In the past two years, a well-known financial writer Wu Xiaobo on many occasions called for the transformation of traditional Chinese enterprises must seize a major opportunity: one hundred million the rise of the new middle class. These new middle class to 80, 90 based, with a good educational background, and the pursuit of quality, attitude of life. The data released, according to the Institute of the world’s fifth largest consortium of Credit Suisse’s 2015 annual "World Wealth Report", Chinese middle class number of the world’s largest, up to 109 million people, the total wealth of $7 trillion and 340 billion, second only to the United States and japan. The bank also expects the next 5 years, China wealth will continue at a rate of 9.4% annually. In 2016, Wu Xiaobo was called the first year of China’s new middle class consumption". But this big cake is not easy to eat, to meet the new Chinese middle class is a technical choice. Female fashion buyers shop chain brand "zero fashion" business over the past 3 years to try a lot of fresh gameplay, worthy of our traditional brand owner and entity reference. New opportunities, the old pain point zero fashion into the garment industry, to avoid the traditional red sea market, it is to seize the emerging fast fashion market. The so-called fast fashion after the market, that is, the age of 25~40 years of age in the light of the middle class women. The original three mainstream clothing formats can not meet their new consumer demand. On the one hand, they generally experienced a promotion and salary increase, significantly enhance the spending power, began to pursue personalized and sense of quality, most are reluctant to continue to consume fast fashion brand. On the other hand, after 5~10 years of fast fashion cultivation, personal taste has been improved, it is difficult to accept the traditional sense of the mall counter mature women. Most of the existing shopping counter display is from more than and 10 years ago, the continuation of the mother’s favorite brand, which is reflected in the grade of more than and 10 years ago, these brands do not dare to change, a change will lose the original customer. This leads them to keep up with the times from the girl that embrace the Internet, follow the fashion forefront of the light Cougar, most of them think that shopping malls do not want to buy too old. Then pure electricity providers can not meet their needs. According to statistics, 80~150 yuan of women accounted for about 70% of online women’s market share, price and quality is relatively low. The new middle class women need high-end women’s clothing is not a mainstream electricity supplier. But in the high-end women’s fashion as non standardized products, on-site fitting experience is necessary which is consumption, pure electricity supplier can not meet the. "相关的主题文章: