Li Hongzhong research Binhai New Area stressed the need to play a leading role in the development of

Li Hongzhong stressed the need to research the Binhai New Area in the Beijing Tianjin Hebei collaborative development play a leading role in demonstration of the Mid Autumn Festival on the first day, party secretary Li Hongzhong to the Binhai New Area of research. He stressed that the Binhai New Area in the development of Tianjin’s position is extremely important, very special, the New District Hing Tianjin Xing, the development of the new district is the development of Tianjin. To firmly grasp the root and soul of innovation, reform and opening up, remember our mission, heavy responsibilities, actively as efforts to implement the coordinated development of Beijing Tianjin Hebei is a major national strategy to play a leading role for demonstration. Municipal Committee, vice mayor Duan Chunhua, municipal committee, Party Secretary of the Standing Committee of the municipal Party committee, a saint, Binhai New District Party committee secretary Zong Guoying, vice mayor Yan Qingmin attended. Beitang business park north of the eco city, South Development zone. For the implementation of the Beijing Tianjin Hebei collaborative development of major national strategy, Beitang Binhai New Area will rely on the advantages of location, transportation, environment, cooperation with Zhongguancun docking Beijing innovation resources, the formation of high level platform to undertake capital function and ease the carrier. Li Hongzhong field inspection of the park building and greening, etc., a detailed understanding of the park construction and industrial development planning, to hear the latest developments in docking with Beijing, and with the park responsible comrades to discuss. Subsequently, Li Hongzhong arrived at the fort high-speed rail station, look at the construction and operation of the station, a detailed understanding of the Beijing Tianjin intercity high-speed rail operation and traffic between the Binhai New Area and Beijing. Li Hongzhong came to Jiabao global purchase underground commercial street, walked into the Turkey style bazaar parks and bonded goods exhibition and Trade Center, shops and businesses in-depth conversation, detailed understanding of sales, sourcing etc.. Out of the underground commercial street, Li Hongzhong and the city leaders came to the Haihe River shore, look at the Haihe River to enhance the transformation of the landscape and the home Fort, bell Bay area green construction. In the central business zone, the whole table with Li Hongzhong watching the central business district, listen to the relevant planning work report. Subsequently, Li Hongzhong chaired a forum to listen to the Binhai New Area work report. Li Hongzhong said, over the years, especially since the party’s eighteen, to the General Secretary Xi led by the CPC Central Committee under the correct leadership of the group and after the region’s cadres and the masses struggle, development and construction of Binhai New Area has made great achievements, has become Tianjin and even the whole country to open up the largest and most ideological emancipation, the economic and social development in the forefront of the region. Today, Binhai New Area has entered from the initial stage of the resurgence of high tide. I am able to work together with everyone to participate in the development and opening of Binhai New Area and feel proud and proud. Li Hongzhong pointed out that the General Secretary Xi to realize the great rejuvenation of the Chinese nation and China rich, strong and prosperous and "two one hundred year" goal, put forward the coordinated development of Beijing Tianjin Hebei is a major national strategy. As the guardian of Beijing, the capital of the door, Tianjin ushered in the development of a rare opportunity to benefit which is a great positive. Binhai New Area strategic position is extremely important, prominent location, with multiple policy advantages, with docking resources, a good foundation for transformation and upgrading. Tianjin sing Beijing Tianjin Hebei coordinated development the new game, to play a leading role. Municipal government should pay more attention to the New District, the New District in the leading position, placed in the largest growth pole position, put in the future direction of reform and innovation,.相关的主题文章: