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Kubuqi Desert Control of more than 6 thousand square kilometers 100 thousand herdsmen get rich – in October 22nd, Zhang Xiwang hurried to Beijing brought a Conservation Award, gezhuochechuang gave a few eye back to the Tiananmen square, Kubuqi desert. "The tree is bigger than the sky" – this has become his subconscious: home is still waiting to plant trees. Kubuqi Desert is located in the north of Inner Mongolia Ordos plateau, from Beijing is on the west side of the 800 km distance in a straight line, is one of the three major sources of Beijing Tianjin Hebei region. More than a decade ago, the dust of the seventh largest desert in China could reach Beijing city overnight. There is no vegetation, no communication, no way out, dust storms, people who live here, suffering from the sand of generations. The sand in the bitter day, Zhang Xiwang can not see the end, until he first met Yili Resources Group Chairman Wang Wen Biao. It was 2003, Wang Wenbiao came to the Hangjinqi alone expensive town of Tara, the liberation of the village, when all the folks in the face, about his dream of Kubuqi Desert greening, and announced a reward of $80 a day for planting workers. Zhang Xiwang said that when Wang Wenbiao felt whimsical, will only make money wasted. However, one day can have 80 yuan of income is always good, Zhang Xiwang and villagers began to plant trees. Gradually, he found that the dunes around really changed color, the original one year under a few drops of rain, and now to the summer, more than a dozen or twenty days there is a rain, a year can be more than a dozen rain. Zhang Xiwang also earned money, live in a new house, start on the day. In Kubuqi sand 28 years, Yili Group enterprise development and prevention of desertification, regional poverty alleviation and development combined with the construction of roads, afforestation in sandy desert, the implementation of ecological migration, development of desert industry, to explore the government policy support, enterprise business investment, farmers market participation in precision the road of poverty alleviation. Now the Kubuqi, governments at all levels and Yili Group driven, more than 6 thousand square kilometers of desert get control, desert eco economy industry show vitality of about 30000000000 yuan, 100 thousand farmers and herdsmen to get rich, the annual per capita income from 1990 to less than 14 thousand yuan in 2015 to 400 yuan. "The road open desert, repair a lifeline!" Along the Inner Mongolia Ordos City Hangjinqi desert crossing highway has been South, on both sides of the Shapo, seedlings light wind drag, the distant rolling sand layers, waves blooming. Shortly before the trip, the dunes disappear, the line of sight is covered by click into place on both sides, Salix, Populus and other plants in the sand, deep and shallow extends to the end of eye. Occasionally dotted with such a size of Mirror Lake, reverie. The Bayan Gongwusu toll station, you can reach the old Saline Lake. Here has a long history of salt production, called green ripple salt marshes, the locals called "silver lake". At the beginning of the establishment of the new government China, raising funds to build the saltworks here, become an important local source of income. This is the predecessor of saltworks, Yili group. In May 8, 1988, Wang Wenbiao from the government office to Hangjinqi Hangzhou)相关的主题文章: