Julie Pitt married a total of $117 million 500 thousand to make money how to split the property minmi

Julie Pitt married a total of 117 million 500 thousand U.S. dollars to make money how to split the Sina fund exposure platform: letter Phi lag behind false propaganda, the performance of long-term lower than similar products, how to buy a fund pit? Click [I want to complain], Sina help you expose them! Original title: Julie, Pitt has done, hundreds of millions of property to be distributed in the divorce petition filed by Angelina, she used the contradiction can not be coordinated to describe the reasons for the divorce of two people. Figure Chinese vision Angelina at the age of 41 Julie Awards: 30 nominations, winning 10 times (2 Oscar) spouse: Johnny Lee Miller (married 1996, divorced in 1999) Billy Bob Thornton (married 2000, divorced in 2003), Brad Pitt (married 2014, divorced in 2016) Brad Pitt 52 award 54 nominations, winning 19 times (1 Oscar): Jennifer Aniston (marriage married in 2000, divorced in 2005) Angelina Julie (married 2014, divorced in 2016) according to foreign media reports, local time on September 19th, Hollywood star Angelina Julie has filed with her husband Brad Pitt for divorce. According to Julie filed for divorce documents show that two couples in September 15th has been officially separated, Julie also asked to have custody of 6 children, giving Peter visitation rights, Julie did not put forward to Peter for child support and alimony. At this point, Peter and Julie from associate to get married over 12 years, the final is still going on the "no contradiction" on the road, after the divorce lawyer said, two people will face huge property division, will spend a lot of time. Divorce causes differences in children’s marriage crisis? In more than 10 years, married for 2 years, this has been optimistic about the Hollywood model couple announced the marriage came to an end, so that the outside world is stunned, people have to guess the reason two people divorce. According to foreign media reports, after the marriage of Julie and Pitt actually quarrel constantly, from the child’s education issues to work philosophy so that the two can not reach a consensus. In this regard, Julie issued a statement through a lawyer, said the move is to the health of the family, and pointed out that there is no involvement of the third. Informed sources also known as Mrs. Peter said, the reason and Peter divorce on children’s education, Julie also unbearable Peter marijuana, perhaps a drinking problem, she thinks Peter is hard to control anger, is very dangerous for children. Pitt later issued a statement on the divorce, said he was very sad, but now the most important thing is my children, I begged the media to give them a private space in this difficult time." The division of property without a prenuptial agreement "Forbes" marital property half reported on September 20th, Julie and Pete from 2004 shooting "Mrs Smith" acquaintance, from 2004 onwards, two revenues of $555 million. Only a part of them are the two married property, from the 201相关的主题文章: