Jinan two car collision is witness to the freak Dutch act type impact – Beijing seaway

Jinan two car collision witnesses: This is a "freak Dutch act type impact" – Beijing 18 days, a period called "Shandong high-speed two car collision speed racing" road rage video heat transfer on the network. In the video, two cars on the highway chase racing collided, originally in the movie have a lens, let shot this video of the people even said "Dutch act type impact". It is understood that the incident occurred before the Mid Autumn Festival in Shandong section of the green silver high-speed, high-speed traffic police have been involved in the investigation of. The current investigation is difficult, temporarily unable to determine the exact time of the accident and the vehicle’s license plate. Qilu Evening News reporter Zhang Tailai Li Yang after the collision of two vehicles a grudge car occupants scared silly reporters noted that this is a total length of 1 minutes and 56 seconds of video, by the vehicle ride in two car rear camera. Video shows, a white cross on a high-speed road and a black car after a run. Black car in a number of attempts to go beyond the white off-road vehicles, but each time was blocked overtaking. "It’s not a death!" Video shot seeing two car overtaking constantly forced to stop even more thrilling, but breathtaking scene staged follow. May be overtaking repeatedly unsuccessful, black car driver suddenly hit the white off-road, once, two times…… Continuous impact. Black car bumper off in the ground, but the two cars still did not stop the madness. During the black car several times with each other and white cross-country forced to stop to continue the chase at the black car finally caught up with the white cross country, two cars in hundreds of meters, the car suddenly accelerated to off-road vehicles, white SUV hit the roadside guardrail stopped, black car then sped away, and soon disappeared in the scene. Reporters noted that the vehicle license plate, but did not appear in the video, according to the description of the video shoot, including a car license in Weifang. According to the text of the video appeared in the Zibo West hub interchange. In high speed for suspected of violating the law before the Mid Autumn Festival 19 days, reporters from Shandong high-speed traffic police corps learned that on the 19 day, the high-speed traffic police will have paid attention to this video, immediately involved in the investigation. Because the video does not show the specific shooting time, the vehicle license plate is difficult to determine. After a preliminary investigation, the high-speed traffic police confirmed this video the morning on September 13th, so that the time of the accident at least before the Mid Autumn Festival, but the specific time of the incident can not be determined, is currently approved by various technical means. The progress of the case, high-speed traffic police will be informed to the public through a variety of channels. Reporters from the Shandong Provincial Highway Traffic Police Corps detachment Zhangdian brigade accident department learned that the current basic confirmation of the incident for the G20 Green Silver high-speed and S29 high speed landing in the west of Zibo hub to the west side of the road to Qingdao. 19 evening, the reporter was informed that the high-speed traffic police have contacted the video of the photographer, who shot the video is a Jinan, the mobile phone camera in the car. Currently, high-speed traffic police are in contact with them to learn more information about the accident. In addition, high-speed traffic police are also reported by the insurance company’s record and monitoring stations along the various charges.相关的主题文章: