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IT orange weekly: November 6th -11 month 13, included 51 domestic financing events – Sohu technology this week IT orange contains a total of domestic investment and financing of mergers and acquisitions, covering the fields of. Cultural and entertainment fields this week, the largest investment and financing industry, followed by the automotive field. * click the picture to see clear map according to the input data of orange IT this week found that this week the domestic investment: Hot 1: education wisdom education received 200 million yuan B round of financing last week, intellectual education received 200 million yuan B round of financing, by the BRICs capital, culture, Guangdong Haitong fund and South South media fusion capital jointly completed. Wisdom class business to form a set of evaluation, testing, training, change, management and other aspects of the integration of online and offline closed loop. Wisdom class education is committed to build the Internet based on the results of the real personalized teaching as a means of learning Smart ecosystem, providing learning – Practice – change – Pipe – Test one-stop service. Intellectual education brings together the most authoritative Chinese examination abroad, language learning, PubMed, grade 46, school curriculum and occupation planning more than 160 branches chief teaching experts, integration of advanced data mining algorithm and extreme learning experience, to provide "effective" learning style and interesting learning experience for learners. Education is a human centered industries, with the development of the Internet, a new way of education online education, online to provide high quality teaching content and services can be reuse and structured; line provides a personalized teaching management content and service line under the line and based on extended service. Therefore, the intellectual class education to follow the "flipped classroom" learning mode, users can online and offline two different scenes switch, is committed to using the "content + technology + system + service" construction of wisdom education cloud ecosystem. Education cloud mainly includes intellectual class independent research and development programs for VR system VR teaching content "content cloud", covers the course and online marking related technology "cloud", online marking service, flipped classroom teaching mode of "cloud service" and the main adaptive system of "cloud system". Wisdom class education out of the wisdom class flipped classroom partner program, launched 50 million mutual funds, looking for a total of 50 partners across the country, the learning center to cover the province of 29. Hot 2: Health cloud health gene was nearly 100 million yuan investment strategy in October 31st, cloud health gene and Yangtze SDIC’s Yangtze technology venture equity investment fund capital institutions, an equity investment agreement, nearly billion strategic investment, the valuation of more than 1 billion yuan. Cloud health gene was founded in 2014, is a focus on the transformation and application of medicine genomics technology company, is one of the leading Chinese precision medical high-throughput sequencing and advocate, the national development and Reform Commission, the first gene detection Demonstration Center, focus on providing genome-wide detection and accurate health care for health and clinical research solutions. Precision medicine is derived from the concept of personalized medicine. Personalized care相关的主题文章: