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It has been turning the plaintiff lawsuit hemophilia on 3 personal defamation case withdrawal – Sohu news which lasted 8 months, and Baidu sold it storm three cases related to hemophilia a defamation lawsuit case before the dust settles. Because early in the storm have been accused of "fraud experts", Shaanxi Medical Research Institute Liu Shanxi believes that hemophilia reputation will let the original host "ant hemophilia dish" (real name Zhang Jianyong) together with Chinese hemophilia home and the person in charge of Guan Tao, and CCTV to court. But in the two trial, the plaintiff Liu Shaanxi in September to the court for withdrawal, today (September 26th) afternoon, Guan Tao and Zhang Jianyong were informed of the New District of Xi’an city court granted the plaintiff withdrawal. Liu Shaanxi’s agent said that the original intention is to allow the parties to fully understand each other, through the purpose of the hearing has been reached. Guan Tao received the court this afternoon, Xi’an city sent civil ruling, the court granted the plaintiff Liu Shaanxi withdrawal. Source: Guantao   review: Baidu’s hemophilia crisis cited four defamation lawsuit at the beginning of the year and caused widespread concern in the Baidu’s earliest hemophilia storm, because the original host ant it hemophilia dish "(real name Zhang Jian Yong) accused the Lord suddenly to do it service management authority is sealed, disappeared into Mass Deception science Posts public view. Referred to as "liar" expert of Shaanxi Medical Research Institute (hereinafter referred to as the "hemophilia Research Institute") Dean Liu Shanxi, first released a statement said he is not a liar, false reports, in February after the civil lawsuit, Zhang Jianyong, Chinese hemophilia home and the person in charge of Guan Tao, and CCTV to court, asking them to apologise and the restoration of reputation, and assume the spirit damage up to 200 thousand yuan 10 thousand yuan minimum compensation. After the objection of jurisdiction after twists and turns, the above four cases for trial in the court of the New District of Xi’an city in August 3rd, 4. Zhang Jianyong ‘s attorney to the song issued an opinion that Liu Shaanxi and Its Research Institute was accused of’ liar ‘is not defamation and slander, Guan Tao also stressed that the Institute has no legal qualifications. The former includes evidence submitted about the storm before the netizen comments, after the incident of the patients, and the official website of the Institute of false propaganda content; the latter submitted evidence and patient’s medical records, invoices, and Liu Shaanxi alleged academic fraud related literature etc.. Liu Shaanxi party, by the Institute of comprehensive office director Liu Yiguo as an agent, evidence is Liu Shaanxi qualifications, practicing experience, award certificates, monographs, and he believes that resulting in their own reputation related web pages and news reports. The case turning point: the withdrawal of the plaintiff the defendant has received the permission of the court ruled for the first time after the hearing, Zhang Jianyong only one case emissaries sessions, the other three cases were awaiting sentencing. But the case has recently turned. In mid September, Zhang Jianyong accidentally received a series of three Yiguo Liu phone, "want to delete posts first said, second times to mean withdrawal, third said to have been submitted to the court for withdrawal". After the communication, Zhang Jianyong promised each other at the right time will be published in the know on a post deleted, but did not accept reconciliation. His attorney to loose in September 23rd that the court has permitted the plaintiff Liu Shaanxi people carrying withdrawal相关的主题文章: