Internet addiction has become the new normal Australians woke up on the net to sleep in Beijing

Internet addiction has become the new normal Australians woke up on the net to sleep – Beijing, reference news network September 29 news media said, with the mobile phone network, WiFi is becoming more and more popular, the Australian Internet becomes more and more common, usually use the Internet has become the new normal". According to Singapore "Singapore United Morning Post" website on September 28th citing Australia network reported, according to the Australian National Broadband Network (NBN) survey results released recently, people used to surf the Internet, online chat, online shopping and online work time more than two years ago, more than 22 days. Some people have even been addicted to the stage, even cooking, toilet can not be left out of the network". NBN conducted a survey of more than 10 thousand Australians, that average online time Australians in 2014 more than 22 days, some people even woke up also not forget the Internet for some time and then continue to sleep. It is understood that the NBN survey is to understand whether there are differences in the use of people network, city and rural residents between the Internet time, and Australians contrast to the use of NBN Internet, NBN Internet and not applicable between Australians have no difference. NBN spokesman Stevens said, now the Internet has become a part of the Australian daily life, the use of network learning, work, play all kinds of things has become the new normal". Stevens said: "most people from morning wake up on the Internet, until the night. While 1/4 of the respondents will wake up in the middle of the night and then sleep on the network." He added: "more than 3/4 of people will also be able to access the Internet while watching TV, while 1/3 of people do not forget to surf the Internet while cooking. In addition, there are some people admit that they will go to the toilet when the Internet ‘kill time’."  相关的主题文章: