International investors into the stock exchange to China capital market development topic – Beijing

International investors into the stock exchange to Chinese capital market development topic – Beijing, China News Agency, Shanghai, September 14 (Miu Lu) Shanghai Stock Exchange (hereinafter referred to as "SSE") 14 news release, recently, the Shanghai Stock Exchange in well-known institutional investors around the globe, held the 2016 annual international investors into the stock exchange ". Including Norway’s central bank, the monetary authority of Singapore, the Bank of Korea and other sovereign funds, BlackRock, fidelity, pilot, street, Templeton and other large fund chief investment officer, the fund manager more than 70 person in charge, to discuss the development of the capital market China topic. To build a world-class exchange with international influence and competitiveness is the focus of the Shanghai Stock Exchange has been the development goals and new development period. International investors into the Shanghai Stock Exchange has become the international development of the Shanghai Stock Exchange on the road of brand activities, is an important part of the Shanghai stock exchange international promotion activities, so far has been successfully held 7 times. The Shanghai Stock Exchange by international investors to introduce the latest development of China capital market development strategy, the Shanghai Stock Exchange stocks, bonds, derivatives, international business, foreign investment in the capital market mechanism, Chinese participation status and related policies, and visited the well-known enterprises and other forms, so that these global influential international investors Chinese capital market has more intuitive and more in-depth understanding, be able to grasp China capital market the latest development status and development strategy, enhance their awareness and interest in the capital market China. Huang Hongyuan, general manager of the Shanghai Stock Exchange, said the Shanghai Stock Exchange has always focused on serving the work of international investors, I believe this event can make overseas institutional investors to understand the characteristics of the Shanghai Stock Exchange market. Hand in the future will be committed to focusing on opening up the capital market and the state "The Belt and Road" to carry out the construction work of internationalization, and strive to become the main platform for international investors especially institutional investors to invest China capital market. Deutsche Bank Stock Trading Department of Asia Pacific General Manager Neil Hosie said China is the Asia Pacific region, the highest mobility is also second high global liquidity in the stock market, to participate in the exchange of the activities of the international investors in a continuous line, this shows that international investors are very close in note of market structure and future development of China. "Through continuous communication, we will see the growing interest of overseas investors. We are looking forward to the continuous development of Shenzhen and Hong Kong through the opening, Shanghai and Hong kong." Maporth, executive director of the Templeton emerging markets group, said the Shanghai Stock Exchange is the world’s largest and the world’s largest exchange, is in the center of various development. Franklin Don Putten has always been committed to investing in the capital market China services, retail and institutional investors, to fully grasp the huge opportunities Chinese, "Shanghai bright market prospects, with the foreign exchange control over the next few years continue to relax, the size of the market will be greater than now!" Lin Xiaodong, President of Greater China investment Limited Hong Kong Company pilot said: "let us meeting these large overseas institutional investors on the market mechanism Chinese and supervision have in-depth understanding, and more firmly believe that the future of Chinese investment market, let us have more confidence in the low)相关的主题文章: