International gold prices fell to a new low of 6 weeks domestic refined oil prices or welcome kamikaze love

The international price of gold fell to 6 week low of   the domestic refined oil prices or welcome two rising – energy – as the newly released economic data is good, the Fed’s hawkish remarks sounded again, boosting the dollar strength, leading to the international price of gold fell and fell, international oil prices fell following. Overnight New York gold futures fell 1%, a new low of $six to refresh the week 1309.38. Overnight in October crude oil futures fell $0.63, or 1.34%, at $46.35 a barrel in November; Brent crude oil futures fell $0.89, or 1.81%, at $48.37 a barrel. Short term gold prices continued to fall, oil prices are likely to have repeated shocks. Crude oil: there is still a chance to rebound in oil prices fell, mainly due to the rebound in the dollar index, as well as adverse inventory data. Tuesday evening data show that although the U.S. API crude oil inventories rose less than expected, but refined oil inventories increased by 2 million 980 thousand barrels. In addition to the high volatility of the finished oil depot, Iran appear to increase production, exacerbated by the market oversupply of oil supply concerns, limiting oil prices upward. However, compared to the gold market, the fundamentals of the short-term crude oil market optimism, with more rebound opportunities. OPEC (OPEC) will convene a meeting with other oil producing countries in September, it is possible to talk about "frozen production", that is, no longer increase production. Saudi Arabia and other countries before the oil officials have hinted at the possibility. It is precisely because of this, the international oil price in the first three weeks of August from the low of $39 all the way back to the front of the $50 mark. The long and short game situation and the gold market is different, the crude oil market this week, trading sentiment cautious, not volume, Wednesday night’s EIA report will guide the short-term trend. 46 U.S. dollars a line of oil prices have strong support. Zhuo and information analysts insist that oil prices greatly dominated by middle low volatility, the trend is uncertain, most of the time interval will fall to $35~60. The increase in early August the largest cumulative oil prices as high as 26%, anxunsi, WWW is expected: today, 24 September 1st, the oil price adjustment window of time will start, China’s refined oil price will usher in the "two rate rising, and possibly the biggest gain since the beginning of this year. This will also be the sixth time the price of refined oil. Gold: some hunters retail had already fitted earlier this week without important news and market data released, the market price of the basic trend of the continuation of last week. In the recent Federal Reserve officials took turns to the economic future of the United States expect bullish remarks hike, the dollar index rose again concussion test 96 line, the commodity market prices fall down. The price of crude oil fell near support dropping $46 barrel, the international spot gold price of gold as scheduled shocks, short-term or will again test near $1300 an ounce mark support. In the investment institutions profit, interest rate hike is expected to weaken the good out of the double blow, the gold market in August turned down. And this week the Fed executives make remarks once again the fundamentals of gold fell one disaster after another. The trend shows the Fed)相关的主题文章: