Indian media said Modi’s visit to Japan in the South China Sea issue China expert Revenge in vain

Indian media said Modi’s visit to Japan in the South China Sea issue Chinese revenge experts: vain data figure: India and Japan are US-2 seaplane arms negotiations "NSG retaliation? India against China in the South China Sea issue." "India times" 7, this is not the background of the report was reproduced by many media, and made India will change the neutral position in the South China Sea interpretation. Reported that during the visit of prime minister Modi this week in India, Japan, India and Japan will be referred to the joint statement issued by the head of the South China Sea arbitration case. In this regard, deputy director of the reform and opening up, Chinese forum strategic research center of India Makati force experts 7 to accept the "Global Times" reporter the interview said, nothing has been called Nanhai arbitration, no political meaning. Even the Sino Philippine relations have reversed changes, the third party and the three four day to do the It doesn’t help the situation., India in this regard will only be futile. "The India times" reported that, because China prevent India joining the Nuclear Suppliers Group and prevent the "Mohamed army" leader as a terrorist list in the United Nations, the Sino Indian relations into a low, but India seems to be finally decided to change the time of events". The article quoted "senior sources" as saying, last month, India had suggested that Singapore specifically mentioned in the two countries in the South China Sea arbitration results statement, refute the historical right to Beijing in the South China Sea claims, but this proposal was finally rejected Li Xianlong, Prime Minister of singapore. Reported that Singapore is not the voice of the South China Sea territory, do not want to choose the side of the disputed South China Sea issue. But now, India is discussing, India Prime Minister Modi this week to visit Japan, will discuss the topic with the Japanese side, and in the joint declaration of the two countries to recognize the international arbitration. "The India times" said that Modi’s September visit to Vietnam when the two nations had published "the one and only" statement, in addition to regular mention of freedom of navigation, but also requires respect for international law, including "made on 1982 according to annex" United Nations Convention on the law of the sea "7 the formation of the arbitration tribunal ruling on July 12, 2016 approved". India seems to want this statement to "become a template for documents with other countries"". Reported that, unlike Singapore, Japan will have a completely different reaction. First, the Japanese authorities recently told the India times that Japan has encouraged India to voice the disputed South China Sea issue. Secondly, in the East China Sea, Japan is increasing its warning to china. Reported that the two countries in a joint statement to publicly recognize the international arbitration, will inevitably lead to Beijing even harder to strengthen even hostile reaction. When the earlier media reports said Japan is willing to reduce the price of US-2 aircraft, to reach a purchase agreement with India, China criticized, "if someone attempts to sell cooperation is not so bright, may be distasteful". "Angry India hinted at the South China Sea?" India express 7, said the group is very important to join the nuclear suppliers to India, India hopes to contain China’s support for India. India’s "Deccan Chronicle" website, even after China against India joining the Nuclear Suppliers Group, the India in the South China Sea is neutral, but it may change. The India times newspaper.相关的主题文章: