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In August 25th 19 traders are concerned about stock market news center: exclusive national industry sector stocks, premarket after hours, ETF, real-time quotes Sina warrants stocks 25, Bloomberg News Beijing reported that following the August 25th 19 global traders are concerned news Top 20, click on the ranking data from 25 19 on Bloomberg terminal trader. 1) China Department of Defense: America in Korea deploy "Sade" damage Chinese strategic interests 2) Hongkong HKMA to Alipay and the octopus card approved deposit and payment tool licence 3): Chinese Russian Aluminum aluminum production capacity this year there is no large-scale restart idled 4) director of Bank of communications Chinese through recommendations bocom listed in Hong Kong Bill 5) the government of Hongkong will open tender to sell the Beacon Hill land 6) high-frequency trading company IMC is on the stock index futures China regulators accept activities 7) Li Feng first half profit fell 14% against 8) economic worries retailers Nomura: risk fed Jackson Holzer will bring to market events continue to weaken Poland confirmed to 9) 3.4% return to issue a 3 year bond panda 10) since the Chinese oil giant announced the history of the worst earnings number According to the crude oil prices remain rational 11) ant gold suit alleged plan in the first half of 2017 Hongkong IPO 12) Wanda Commercial first half core profit of 2 billion 710 million yuan an increase of 20% from 13) of the city: long-term interest rate outlook of Yellen’s speech or touch the declining 14) cattle from Newspeak: bad debt problems still worried China mainland? Perhaps the fear of Hongkong 15) their confidence in Ifo enterprises in Germany enterprises declined about the orders down 16) China currencies: RMB both go up; three new reference rate for the SDR bonds to pave the way of the city: 17) technology pound dollar bullish even in the top 18 triangular faces resistance) 14 days reverse repurchase restart Chinese central ring tens of thousands of trades alarm 19) Chinese life first half net profit of 10 billion 400 million yuan RMB 31 billion 500 million yuan a year earlier 20) Hermes Investment Management Parry: the Fed will not raise interest rates to find the reason editor: Guo Mingyu SF008相关的主题文章: