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I received: market NiuNiuNieNie what meaning sixth sense: market NiuNiuNieNie what meaning although A shares yesterday appeared V rebound, but investors are still relatively cautious, today the market opened the two stock markets were mixed, the Shanghai stock market opened slightly higher, Shenzhen is slightly lower, is basically a flat open pattern after the opening, both sides, although the difference is big, but many still slightly prevail, the market stand in the line above, but because the mainstream sector failed to form a cohesive force, lack of power market continued upside, upward in the afternoon opening resistance, appeared gradually decline, the city is slightly stabilized. It shows obvious differences straddle the market short-term increase. Fortune Dragon: the market sensitive position of repeated shocks’ position sensitive wealth that GE repeated shocks "pattern of market in the afternoon marked out of the disadvantaged, dropped 3100 and lines also proved once again that the pressure on the top of the huge, even in a short time after the break can not really disappear, at the same time we also see the weight plates early stability also in the afternoon pullback, all this together, only shows that the current market rebound is symbolic, in fact the market is still waiting for a message, can promote the market to rise a substantial positive, the same line was above the position of the lock plate is numerous, still need short-term repeated shocks, but the market break 3050 points this fact has pressure platform. Jade: fall in line impact attention the opportunity to stock index even after Yang once again attacked the line, but hovering in the 3105 point line several times, eventually appears in the late diving and fall, the amount of energy amplification and early, after midday show funds Duanchao atrophy, high throw band technique. The stock is from yesterday, the broad, this price differentiation is obvious, but this trend, more conducive to investors to identify stocks in the hands of strength, the real stock value support, but the opportunity to bargain hunting down. Lighthouse sea stocks: a new high shock rest after the Shanghai stock market average of 256 days (3096) temporarily run down trend, the stock index rebound constitute the pressing; on the 30 minute chart of MACD index and KDJ index of red column shortening line Sicha, display the corresponding level adjustment and downward momentum. However, the 60 minute MACD index line on the graph operation on 0 axis into MACD state, shows the short-term adjustment temporarily will not be unilateral falling phenomenon; break the weekly Bollinger band rail stock near the rail line (3135 points) desire; therefore, that the market shock rest after a new high rebound. The stock index will weaken the 256 day moving average to reduce the downward impact of the shock and then upward rebound in August highs.相关的主题文章: