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I played a flight at the show, but only five minutes – Jun Sohu technology geeks shopping these days at the Guangzhou auto show, has been thinking about a problem: people can fly? The "Birdman" star Riggan in the role in the movie "Birdman" inextricably bogged down in, Riggan after the show obsessions, he once thought: I am Birdman, is my birdman. I don’t know the direct consequences of fantasy and reality, is that one day, he did not hesitate to jump down from the window, thought he has finally become a bird, the result is a cup. How to become a bird? Riggan failed to become the bird, because he did not encounter the geek Jun (just kidding) ~ ~ this is not open the brain hole. Secretly tell you, in fact, people can fly. If you have a wing aircraft. Wing mounted flight is well understood. When the limit of the athletes wearing similar to the wings in the sky clothing, "ash to ash", they have smooth customs clearance for a "bird", like this: "the flying feeling, have air ballet depending on the sense of that? The di o have mad pull cool fried day exercise, there are a lot of ways. But what do you want to fly? Through the mountains, through the forest, through the canyon, or through the endless fields? Geeks can’t tell you the answer. Because he was too busy to experience the thrill of the fly fly. Yeah, that’s the thing. However, you’d guess what you actually see the geek? "This beauty, such as geek Jun wants Nani ~ ~ how to do? The thing that looks like a flying thing is a mechanical arm. Do not look at its height of only 2.5 meters, the radius of activities can only cover up to 1.8 meters, but it can simulate the flight at all angles (flight angle of 15 – 23 degrees). Experience the need to wear a vest and flight jacket, and then wear VR glasses. Look at the whole look. You know how safe it is. If you are careful enough, you can see the flying hair, it comes from here. "Is such a tall on the chassis which is a full sensor integrated system. It can be the experience of vision, hearing, smell, touch, in addition, but also the distribution of temperature, giving a sense of direction. This is a very magical device, geek Jun in the experience, there is a variety of beauty, the ear can hear the gurgling sound, the wind blew, moist air to feel the warmth of the pavement, and a ray of sunshine, flowers can smell. The real machine, in five minutes, suddenly captured your heart geeks. For a moment, geek Jun thought he really fly in the sky, the feeling is very wonderful. This is a wonderful machine. Now you think bird geek, occasionally Dangdang is actually quite good. I’m wearing the latest version of HoloLens, but not see eye piece but with VR.相关的主题文章: