Hongkong’s chief executive Liang Zhenying do not rule out the NPC Standing Committee’s interpretatio popkart

Hongkong’s chief executive Liang Zhenying: do not rule out the NPC Standing Committee’s interpretation of the law – Beijing Hongkong elect members of the Legislative Council for the first time individual sworn in October 12th, encouraging national affront to Hong Kong Independence act, even the day continues to be strongly condemned by the society from all walks of life in Hongkong. The morning of November 1st, the chief executive of the Hongkong Special Administrative Region Liang Zhenying before attending the Executive Council pointed out that two members of Songheng and Huizhen oath beam tour and sworn words caused a very bad effect, the relevant judicial review cases on the two day after hearing. Liang Zhenying in response to whether it will be submitted to the NPC Standing Committee, said the law does not rule out this possibility. Zhang Xiaoming, director of the Central People’s Government Liaison Office in Hongkong on the evening of 1 to attend the provincial CPPCC Committee said port Association speech activity, individual Council members elect the oath of the bad performance, is of no great importance of little farce, but seriously touched the bottom line a serious violation of national one country two systems, the constitution, the basic law and the relevant laws of Hongkong, the people’s Chinese serious injury and the global Chinese feelings. He stressed that any words and activities to promote Hong Kong Independence, should be punished according to law, there is no reason to tolerate connivance. Zhang Xiaoming said that the Hongkong society should accurately understand and the implementation of "one country two systems", in strict accordance with the "basic law" law, respect and safeguard the basic law in the legal system of the highest position in Hong Kong, as Hongkong special administrative, legislative and judicial activities of the standards, especially in the related national interests and problems facing Hongkong on major issues issues of right and wrong must adhere to the bottom line. In accordance with the law. (CCTV reporter Zhang Cheng)相关的主题文章: