Hong Kong stocks rebounded more than 200 points, or further dropping material industry – Beijing acbel

Hong Kong stocks rebounded more than 200 points, or further dropping material industry – Beijing, China News Agency, Hongkong in October 14, HKEx chief executive Li Xiaojia said the evening of 13 will give priority to the Shenzhen Tong launched in the mid to late 11 "Monday". The Hongkong stock market in 4 consecutive trading days fell after 14 days finally rebound. 14, Hongkong’s Hang Seng index opened 88 points to 23119 points, then the shock upstream, the highest reached 23318, closed at 23233 points, up 202 points, an increase of 0.88%, the board turnover of HK $60 billion 262 million. Day, more than 9 of blue chips rose. China Unicom rose 2.81%, led by blue chips; Jinsha Chinese, CNOOC followed, were up 2.79% and 2.55%; the Chinese funded bank shares higher across the bank rose 1.75%, Construction Bank rose 1.61%, Bank of China Hongkong China bank rose 0.96%, up 0.88%, industrial and Commercial Bank of China rose 0.64%. Tencent holdings fell 0.47%, the largest decline. State-owned enterprises index rose 1.1%, the red chip index rose 0.69%. For Hong Kong stocks through the recent changes in traffic, Li Xiaojia said that the Hongkong market is an open market, like water, the water level is high today, tomorrow there will be a low level, high tide ebb, except when there are major changes, will go to care about why there is such a big change, and carries on the analysis to a better understanding of. He pointed out that there is no need to see the recent changes and changes in the national day before the inevitable link. Yongfeng financial group said that Hong Kong stocks decline again and again, the market overall weak, short-term or a chance to further test, test the level of 22800 points. Investors should be more cautious, waiting patiently in the process of adjustment in the city. He Zhiming, head of the rich exchange securities, said the number of Federal Reserve officials believe that short-term interest rates should be raised. In the United States is expected to raise interest rates, the dollar will be stronger before December, the devaluation of the RMB assets are negative stock market pressure and anxiety. Hong Kong stocks recently fell nearly a thousand points, the investment climate has not improved, even if some of the rebound, given the slowdown in the inflow of water and the flow of funds and other factors dragged down, the market outlook further test level of 22700 points. (end)相关的主题文章: