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Highlight China wisdom (focused strategic vision G20 Hangzhou Summit) silk road fund limited liability company – Politics – people.com.cn in Beijing. Picture in October 2015, China construction in Kenya "Mombasa – Nairobi" standard gauge railway. People’s vision July 9th, the group of twenty (G20) trade ministers meeting opened in Shanghai on 2016. People’s vision in August 20th, Maker Faire hit a grand event held in Beijing, a child on the intelligent robot showed strong interest. People’s visual theme of the summit   construction of innovation, vitality, linkage and tolerance in the world economy Zhang Yuyan (director of the world economic and Political Institute of the Academy of Social Sciences Chinese): G20 Hangzhou summit is the first China led global economic governance top-level design. "Building an innovative, dynamic, interactive, inclusive world economy" as the theme of the summit, including four closely related elements. Among them, "innovation" is always the core throughout the summit, "vitality" of "linkage" "inclusive" are related to it, after all can contain to innovation, is to provide positive incentives, reduce transaction costs, benefit all parties. The summit will develop innovative growth blueprint, released specific policies to encourage innovation, and promote global trade and investment mechanism construction and other important areas of the jianzhanglizhi, a key step forward in the There was no parallel in history. G20 innovation system and mechanism. On this basis, the summit will provide a new vitality for the long-term growth of the world economy, in order to solve the current economic and financial difficulties to develop a new program. At present, the global economic recovery is facing unprecedented serious fatigue, high debt and labor productivity growth rate to a record low, Global trade growth slowed, rising trade protectionism, populism and the mismatch of resources dilemma. The summit emphasized "linkage" and "inclusive" theme, it means that in this context, countries should strengthen cooperation and coordination of macroeconomic policies, to avoid the spillover effect and resounding effect, the pursuit of sustainable development of the world economy. China is expected to focus on green development, innovation and development, inclusive development and sustainable development at the summit. The expected results of making innovation growth blueprint Zhao Xinli (deputy director, China science and Technology Exchange Center G20 innovation issues Chinese expert group convenor): innovation is the first power to lead the development of the. Practice has proved that, for a period of time relying mainly on investment and exports and consumer driven economic development is unable to achieve the sustainable growth of the global economy fundamentally, must rely on scientific and technological innovation to enhance the development of the productive forces, we must rely on institutional innovation and full liberation and active productivity. Both developed and emerging market countries, G20 members generally developed for 2020 and five years and fifteen years of science and technology innovation strategy, roadmap or planning for the year 2030. The summit will be innovative growth mode identified as the focus of this year’s summit, is the first time G20 focus on global growth in the medium and long term power, but also in the innovation, the new industrial revolution, the development of digital economy and other fields相关的主题文章: