Hidden crisis these 5 appliances more dangerous p8400

Hidden crisis: the more dangerous the 5 home appliances, look at the production date, look at the shelf life, is a large number of consumers in the purchase of food to develop good habits. However, in household appliances consumption, the majority of consumers are holding the traditional idea of "new three years old, three years and three years of tinkering,". As everyone knows, household electrical appliances also have life, overage service appliances implies a serious health hazard. TV: age service or the risk of explosion of color TV can be said to be the China family’s highest penetration of appliances, while the TV spontaneous combustion and explosion accidents also It is often seen. Color TV, especially the TV tube life is generally 8-10 years, more than the design life of the TV security risks will increase significantly. In particular, those who use the time is too long and can not be maintained by the TV prone to spontaneous combustion or explosion accidents. At the same time overage service TV as the element of aging, will produce poor image sharpness, produce screen jitter, and even damage the human vision, and radiation pollution. In recent years, the popularity of flat-panel TVs life is relatively longer. Most models can reach 50 thousand hours of use time, some models can even reach the service life of 100 thousand hours. But some models, such as LCD TV may exist after the use of a few years after the start of the decline in brightness, although it can still work, but the performance is not as good as before. Safety tips: in daily use, we should avoid frequent switch, prevent power failure; the brightness of the screen is not a long time to the highest, to prevent the lamp burned; usually when not the best with dust cover cooling holes to prevent dust accumulation caused by long-term fault on the circuit board. Washing machine: the higher the risk of leakage of water in the use of washing machine in addition to the use of electricity, but also water, the risk factor is relatively high. Washing machine is the core component of the motor, relatively speaking, the import motor life is slightly longer, the average life expectancy of a washing machine for about 8 years. The risk of the old washing machine has not only leakage, Water Leakage, the clean degree of washing barrel is more difficult to let people rest assured that the use of a variety of perennial living bacteria accumulated dirt, corner, will let the washing machine into the laundry machine thoroughly "". Safety tips: washing clothes before removing the coins in the pocket and hard material, and avoid the zipper hardware and direct contact with the inner wall of the drum; regularly with a special detergent to clean the inner cylinder of the inner tube, regular dry socket; need to install the waterproof box, and make sure the distribution box installed leakage protector. Refrigerator: extended use or effect of food hygiene refrigerator can be said to be the highest frequency of use of all electrical appliances, the average boot longest product. Almost all of them are 24 hours on the phone. The core component of the refrigerator is the compressor. Like washing machines, the average life expectancy of imported compressors is slightly longer than that made in china. The overall life expectancy of the refrigerator for 10 to 12 years. Refrigerator compressor performance extended service will seriously decrease greatly, overall cooling capacity decline, the compressor needs longer time to work in order to meet the set temperature. Therefore, the old refrigerator is also very prone to noise, high power consumption, poor refrigeration. At the same time those old.相关的主题文章: