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Hebei province lifted restrictions on second-hand car trading policy will be more convenient – car Sohu recently, the Commerce Department of Hebei Province, the provincial public security department, the Provincial Department of transportation and other departments 12 days before formulated "to promote the second-hand car trading facilitation plan" in Hebei Province, regulate the second-hand car market order, and promote the healthy and orderly development of the second-hand car market, create more a large market space for the new consumer. The program provides for the province across districts and counties of the circulation of second-hand car, in addition to the State encourages the relevant vehicle out and asked out of the outside, as long as the national in motor vehicle emissions and safety standards, environmental protection in the regular inspection and annual inspection is valid within the validity period of second-hand car can move in with the formalities, not other policy the formulation and implementation of restrictions on the second-hand car move. Restrictions on each department has formulated and implemented, should be carefully cleaned, and will be cancelled; limit the policy to the city, county people’s government has formulated and implemented by the city and County Business Bureau in conjunction with the environmental protection and public security departments, to the city, county people’s government to cancel the straight tube as soon as possible. We proposed to promote the second-hand car distribution enterprise brand management, enhance the service, warranty and other value-added services capacity and professional level, to create a number of second-hand car brand franchise boutique. Encourage qualified large enterprise groups to develop chain operation, testing and servicing facilities and construction of a number of vehicles, improve the service process standardized regional brand second-hand car market. Vigorously develop the "Internet plus the circulation of second-hand car, second-hand car trading business development guide line fusion on-line, to encourage the development of e-commerce, online auction and other transactions. Promote new car sales enterprises to carry out second-hand car distribution business, and actively develop second-hand car replacement business. The use of existing marketing channels and quality certification, service security and other brand advantages, expand the brand used car business. Small and non – operating passenger vehicles registered in accordance with the law may be sold, traded, sold or sold in the administrative area or in the administrative areas under the jurisdiction of the people’s Republic of china. The second-hand car market operators and second-hand car business entities according to the "second-hand cars in circulation management approach" (State Council Decree No. 307th), the audit focused on whether the seller has used car vehicle ownership or right of disposal, the seller to confirm the identity certificate and the motor vehicle and license and tax documents, in accordance with the provisions of the uniform invoice issued by the "second-hand car sales". In vehicles transferred to apply for transfer of registration of small and micro non operating passenger cars, transferred to the public security traffic management departments should be in accordance with the "vehicle registration", "motor vehicle inspection work regulations" provisions to review the relevant certificate, and inspection of motor vehicles. Out of the public security traffic management department in accordance with the provisions of the transfer, do not need to check the motor vehicle, no need to drive back to the registration. Throughout the business, public security, taxation, industry and commerce departments shall not violate the "second-hand car circulation management approach", the violation of the restrictions on the use of second-hand car trading conditions. (from the website of the people’s Government of Hebei)相关的主题文章: