Hangzhou Qiushi elevated by a BMW car parking with the main force for the tachograph photographed (F mmhouse

Hangzhou Qiushi elevated by a BMW car parking with the main force for the tachograph photographed (Figure) autumn stone elevated by a BMW car parking with the main force for the tachograph photographed on Internet in Shanghai Mr. Yang in the Beijing Shanghai expressway is a black TOYOTA car deliberately not 8 times, he put the tachograph shooting video to the police, not car driver later because of the dangerous driving crime prosecutions. Yesterday, the reporter made a small investigation, 20 drivers have been on the road in the other vehicles were deliberately not too much, there are 3 people had deliberately not to drive other people. (Express reported yesterday A08 version) was the other clip Saibie car, easy to make people angry, some people choose to be patient, a person must not come back, more and more popular in the recorder today, some people choose to report or exposure with a captured video. Yesterday, the netizen lionwz in the 19 floor of the message on the forum to upload a screenshot caused a hot friends. "September 19th at 3:20 in the afternoon, I (drive) from Xinye road autumn stone viaduct. When the car is not a lot, everyone in the queue on the bridge, behind a white BMW rushed to gasser, I followed the car not to each other, did not expect the BMW car stopper not, would make such a disgusting thing: behind my normal driving on the bridge after the BMW car regardless of the danger in the autumn stone don’t continuous overhead I don’t car, after a few BMW also forced to stop the car, get off my car even rushed to the abusive smashing windows, I don’t say the bridge on his car, then I said the car has tachograph can prove that he did not leave……" From the tachograph captured video shots can be seen clearly: when two cars from Xinye road ramp driving into the autumn stone elevated mainline north direction, a Wenzhou license plate white BMW 5 series with back and forth in front of the car, at a distance of about two km of Xinye road ramp bridge, white BMW parked in front of the car, from the car down. A bald man wearing a gold necklace…… The netizen said, "thanks to the recorder, the other did not dare to act rashly, or what is said is not clear." There are a lot of friends said, from the screenshot, the two car at the entrance ramp is actually not to each other, should be incorporated into the main ramp, alternating traffic, but the post did not make, but then BMW continuous car revenge, even elevated parking behavior very much, affect the safety of both personal and property. Yesterday, the reporter tried to contact the user, did not get a reply. After these screenshots and evidence will be reflected to the Hangzhou traffic police department. Where it is difficult to catch the hidden illegal traffic in the recorder before yuanxingbilu in April this year, Hangzhou police carry out the illegal traffic prizes to report, to encourage the public to 18 kinds of dynamic hidden traffic violations to report. Yesterday, reporters from the prizes reporting platform "Traffic Pack" App operator to understand, since April formally implemented, the platform has received 230 thousand users from Alipay, WeChat and App traffic off the port, received all kinds of images and video report information about 1800000. These reporting information, the top four violations are: 1. Motor vehicles do not follow the guide lane; 2.相关的主题文章: