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Guo Chuan wife: my son and I said that the father of the route has become a long – Sohu news reporter: from the loss of knowledge to know now, what do you think is the most? Xiao Li: think of the most is how to tell the child, think the most is that he can come back, think of the most is how to make yourself believe he can come back. Reporter: today, the child did not ask his father? Xiao Li: ask, ask today, the morning we went out, because today we scheduled to go to Shanghai, then said the mother, brother said because the exam is going to Shanghai, the younger son asked mom, today what time the plane to Shanghai, I say bad, forgot to tell you, how I say, I dad said the route becomes long, may now get to Shanghai in two days, the son asked, why he didn’t call me, I don’t know, I am also very anxious, in front of the boys, is sure to show weakness, then the son said the phone fell into the sea, and not a drop I said, I know, all of the solved problems, so the children, is very normal in life. Reporter: how can I believe he can come back? Is it particularly difficult to do this? Xiao Li: No, it is not difficult, mainly you don’t know him, in fact it is not difficult to understand, in fact, I think this kind of feeling, a bit of idealism, but in fact, his special understanding of the ocean, someone said he was a navigator, but in my eyes, he must let me put the heart. This is my own one of his confidence. Reporter: because you know him best, you are the one who knows him best. Xiao Li: I think it is from the navigation technology, and most of his friends know him, follow his teams that know him best. Anyway, at home, he told the family that responsibility, I know him, I think he will definitely not let mother down, don’t let me down, don’t let worried about his son, he will not, I think he’s right, just because he didn’t contact with us now, but certainly no problem. Guo Chuan lost contact with his family and Beihang University and Peking University MBA class students, quickly formed a rescue team, through various ways to carry out search and rescue activities. They firmly believe that Guo Chuan must be in a certain place, waiting for rescue or have begun to save themselves. Reporter: I would like to know, and now Guo Chuan is lost to nine days, in such a non-stop voyage of a single person, if the person on the voyage, lost contact with the nine day mean? Hao Guangqi (Guo Chuan students): if for an ordinary person, the nine day we all know what it means, but we as students, undergraduate students we are students, the ability of Guo Sichuan, so the record is good, a lot of things to do, not an ordinary person. To evaluate this matter, so it is in our heart, the people familiar with his heart, we know that Sichuan Guo must be in the effort, in one place, but at present, we have no way to find him, I feel, Guo Chuan hasn’t reached, Guo Chuan can on the control of the life time. United States maritime search and rescue team.相关的主题文章: