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Guard against the national treasure to the cultural and educational institutions! – Society – collection of fakes, but opinionated and stubborn, self possession that "this group of collectors treasure", referred to as "national treasure to help". I think these people at best is "fake" victims of the real "national treasure Gang" is a group under the banner of " save the folk David " banner, stately will be a lot of fake donation in the name of national cultural and educational institutions to people. We may wish to review a place in key universities. In June 12th last year, the University’s first ceramic art museum opened in the theme of information center of Zhejiang Normal University. Including the ceramic art gallery exhibition, donated art and design director of Zhejiang Normal University — Academy of Fine Arts retired teacher Li Shudi 14 people to the Museum of art donated "Qing emperor Kangxi" enamel bowl 19 ceramics. For donations of art college, this is good, but the matter was exposed, the "collection" era is challenged by some ceramic collectors. There are many serious ceramic collectors even think that this authority to undermine the image of colleges and universities, and in written form to the Zhejiang Provincial Cultural Relics Bureau responded matter. The white dragon blue glaze vase pattern of Zhejiang Normal University Museum of ceramic art "Yuan Dynasty blue and white statue of Avalokiteshvara of Zhejiang Normal University Ceramics Museum of art" (Pan Xuhai, commissioning editor Yang Cheng) more surprise is that one of the honorary chairman of this organization is in July 13th this year will be 6000 pieces of "imperial porcelain" donation of Beijing Normal University, the protagonist of the event overseas Chinese entrepreneurs – Mr. Qiu Jiduan. Li Shudi is also a senior advisor to the Qiu Jiduan museum. This relationship makes people feel all the "good deeds" is not accidental. In July this year, Beijing Normal University donation activities, "the folk cultural relics protection committee " China Institute of strategy and management; the main members full debut, on behalf of the committee to the North University donated five pieces of ancient ceramics". According to the introduction, "6000" the Qiu Jiduan donated to his alma mater, Beijing Normal University of ancient ceramics’ collections include a representative from the Han Dynasty to the late Qing Dynasty, the kiln ceramic products, with "full" and "fine" and "rare" three characteristics, has high artistic value and research." The school said Beijing Normal University will establish China Ancient Ceramics Museum and the Museum of ancient ceramics and Chinese China ancient civilization Research Institute, this will be the first domestic University Museum of ancient ceramics, and Qiu Jiduan was appointed president and first director of the Museum of ancient ceramics research institute. The construction of the museum and the Institute has been put on the agenda, will be built in the Xueyuan Road campus, covers an area of 10000 square meters, will not only become the school teachers and students of the learning center, will also serve as a training center, after the completion of the museum will be open to the public free of charge." A message, not only is the collection industry, social public outcry, stunned! The problem is the focus of 200 thousand, Mr. Qiu from his collection (the Imperial Palace porcelain collection of 367 thousand pieces, more than 20 thousand pieces of porcelain collection in Taipei the Imperial Palace) "Chinese ancient porcelain" in the selection of donated 6000 representative from the Han Dynasty to the Qing "ceramic products" on this matter. Because)相关的主题文章: