Guangxi seven terrorist attack hornet SWAT tour pal Beijing – in search of the mountain rescue yuria

Guangxi seven terrorist attacks on police search tour pal wasp – Beijing mountain rescue Wuzhou Beijing 30, October (Ge Jianfei Xie Xueqin) Guangxi 7 hornet attack group in Wuzhou tour pal suffered mountaineering, one shock. The local police quickly dispatched after receiving the report found hill, will have successfully rescued the final tour pal. Wuzhou police 30 introduction, the incident is located in the South Bank of Wuzhou City, Wang high mountains, Wuzhou special patrol duty guard group 29 days after receiving the report, immediately rushed to the scene. By understanding the day climbing with a total of seven of the tour pal, everyone was a wasp sting group, one seriously injured man has been in a coma shock, the injury is not serious and three people have good physical way downhill, the remaining staff still on the mountain to take care of coma wait for rescue. That the situation of the families and medical staff first arrived, and led by a local guide to find trapped people. The SWAT team and the presence of firefighters quickly formed a rescue team, in a mountain resort tour pal guided into the mountains to carry out rescue. Unable to determine the specific location of the coma, and the mountain mobile phone signal intermittently, and can not be trapped, the families of the mountains continue to get in touch, there is a certain degree of difficulty to rescue. Mobile phone location information to rescue the trapped group according to the issue, in order to arrive at the fastest speed, the diameter of the straight-line distance, there is no way to crawl on the hillside, search for trapped people, just 30 minutes of the rescue team has found in the mountain to wait for the rescue of four trapped. The staff made a simple treatment for the wounded, anaphylactic shock symptoms coma has no danger to wake up. In order to speed up the coma to the hospital for treatment, the rescue team decided to go up the mountain along the direction of the original return. SWAT team members and firefighters with ropes and cloth to make a soft stretcher and the site of the coma were fixed, the resultant force will be sent down the mountain, sent to hospital for treatment. Due to the rescue in time properly, all being stung all the tour pal safe, most seriously injured coma is out of danger.相关的主题文章: