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Guangxi Huang Yao longevity town, the country ranked first four drunk beauty – why Sohu tourism I can think of the most romantic thing, and you are in a romantic quiet town, the uninhibited soul gently placed. From dawn to dusk, slowly flowing here, don’t know what time leaves yellow, white hair, but I still hold your hand. Huang Yao was built in the Ming Dynasty, flourishing in the Qianlong period of the Qing Dynasty, she to design bridges pavilions, terraces and open halls, delicate and famous, especially the hundreds of houses in the layout of the palace of the gossip battle, ingenuity, technology superb let many contemporary architects andpraise. She’s surrounded by peaks in the peak cluster, make a Chinese survival Tuotuo landscape painting, the painter deliberately without ink, is rich and beautiful, like nature itself, flowing out from my eyes, from my finger grip. She is rich for thousands of years of accumulation of primitive simplicity, elegant is her after the rebirth of the atmosphere. This section is from Zhu teacher "Huangyao spring morning", it is because of this article, I came to Huang yao. Huang Yao, like a piece of jade, pure and simple, but always exudes charm, attracting countless tourists and photographers to see her the most beautiful style! Far from the madding crowd here, pure and peaceful, completely free of cars roaring infestation. Sitting in the yard can see green trees outside the window and a bright and quiet river, you can drink coffee or tea sitting in the window, in the sofa, feel the out of the ordinary world! In the city for a long time, always want to escape, want a unique fresh air, like that from simple nearest to the bridges of the comfort, the rain walk Qingshiban road in the glade River by boat swaying. Go for a walk, take a trip to Guangxi Long Town, experience the leisurely life. The ancient town of China can not be closed, so many tourists are also very fond of. And Lijiang, Wuzhen, compared to Phoenix racket Town, Huangyao is very tranquil. As the hinterland of Guangxi traffic is not very convenient, but also local people living in the ancient town, making this quaint town life breath a lot. The old town is surrounded by green hills, clear springs under the mountain, live here every day to breathe the air of negative ions, the secret of longevity is precisely because of this mountain water. I love the natural scenery is clear and the Yao River town in the ancient banyan trees everywhere, in the majority, entry at the stone age Shangrong particularly conspicuous, thousands of years, the root in stone, complicated and difficult to deal with. There is the Karst landform in mountain, Guilin Scenery in the world. Huang Yao is such a mountain, a shape like bonsai alone. In the ancient town can be seen everywhere such traces of history. There are many buildings of Ming and Qing Dynasty Huang Yao ancient town, preserved are very well preserved, with a feeling through the Millennium ancient streets in Huang Yao ancient town. Huang Yao is a real town, not for the development of tourism and the restoration of that area is not large, there is no purpose in town is the best way to travel around. Speaking of history, the history and culture of the people of the scenic spots do not lose the natural scenery相关的主题文章: