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Guangdong 12 retired soldiers and then enlisted 1 people to give up the big company positions – Sohu Military Channel off the ice dream back to march with trumpet — Guangdong province two army reserve recruits monologue "zone Weijie newspaper!" September 7th afternoon, the reporter had just walked into the Guangdong city of Zhaoqing Province Gaoyao District South Street Wu Rong village, saw the villagers together hot chat. Originally, "Nanfang Daily" published on "the 95 guy retired after again into the barracks" news caused a stir in the local area, the protagonist is Wei jie. It is common for a person to be a soldier in his life, but it is rare to apply again after his retirement. However, the reporter opened this year, Guangdong province is expected to see the list of recruits, there are 12 veterans who were discharged last year, the district Wei Jie in which they enlisted the last figure in the end what? "From an early age to dream of a soldier, every time I see someone wearing a uniform feel very proud. Although have taken off the military uniform, but the heart of the collection of the glory can not put down." Qu Weijie said. While serving in the air force of the Lanzhou military region, district Wei Jie was named "outstanding soldiers", local people’s armed forces and government delegations, and the "good soldiers" good news and condolences to his house. After the war, district Wei Jie with honors to find a good job income. Some time ago, he gave the company a call, ask the comrades in the development condition of the army, that same year soldiers, 3 people when the monitor, the 5 become the technical backbone of the advanced deeds of 2 people on the newspaper, but obviously felt comrades talk changed, want to see things, more than their problems mature, all reflect the outstanding youth unique responsibility, sense of play. Hung up the phone, the district Wei Jie heart can not be calm for a long time: in the intersection of life, my choice is right? Two years in the army, the obligation is done, but I get enough exercise? In the barracks, I have the greatest potential to dig it? After some self questioning, district Wei Jie decided to join the army. In September 9th, he was determined to serve the forty-seventh army. Like Qu Weijie, the former Lanzhou Military Region Air Force veteran warrior Li Guobin to return to the camp, but also because of unwilling people. Li Guobin’s father was a soldier, had made exploits, retired after the injury, has not been in good health. After Li Guobin retired, while working to take care of his father. A father said, wishing he could return to the army, accomplishment barracks. Li Guobin muttered: "a soldier I don’t have any way, I do not test the military." "When officers, but also when the sergeant ah, the news is not to say that the troops are reform? Would you be willing to be a soldier for two years?" My father’s words let Li Guobin both surprised and ashamed, my father retired for decades, still infatuation does not change, still concerned about the reform of military news, and they have no contribution to military service, after leaving the army, he didn’t pay much attention to the army. That night, Li Guobin and his mind is eager to father’s eyes, he decided to join the army. This time, Li Guobin is coming to Guangxi Armed Police Fire Corps service, he and his father agreed, will fight when the sergeant, accomplishment barracks. "The conscription office called to tell me that I was drafted into the army.相关的主题文章: