Google said the app advertising business has been booming for nearly four months, with a total insta mcncc

Google application advertising business booming 1 billion Recode Chinese station in September 14th reported that nearly four months to install in the past few years, Facebook sales through the application installation advertising to earn substantial income, today, Google (micro-blog) also ushered in the unpopular scene. Google claims that the use of Google advertising application download business booming, and now, the developers of these applications installed capacity has increased from 2 billion in May to the 3 billion. In other words, in the last four months, Google’s advertising business spawned the installation of the application for the 1 billion time. In such a short period of time, such a growth rate is very alarming, and this is what Google wants the industry to say, this point can be obtained from Google disclosure of these statistics. Of course, from a practical point of view, Google’s business is indeed rapid development. Another fact is that in May this year, Google greatly increased the size of the potential market: let advertisers using its "universal app campaign", so you can put the application installation advertising to Apple iOS devices. Therefore, in the next four months, we may not see the Google application advertising business is still able to maintain such a rapid growth trend. In April this year, Facebook announced that the company’s application installation advertising has exceeded 2 billion times. Facebook and Google, is a win-win situation, even if some day in the future, application of this rally has disappeared, or people do not want to download the application, but it does not contain the application advertising market development momentum. In fact, people may think that excessive application or application caused by user fatigue and other conditions, the application of business development is good, because developers will be more hard work, to create a better application and persuade people to use these applications. (compiled by Jin Quan) [U.S. Recode works related to the rights of Chinese owned by Tencent Inc exclusive. Without authorization, shall not be reproduced excerpts, etc.. ]相关的主题文章: