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The top 20 global semiconductor: TSMC third, MediaTek revenues jumped nearly 30% – semiconductor research institutions of science and technology Sohu IC Insights 15 released on the 2016 world’s top 20 chip factory estimated revenue ranking, which the United States has 8 semiconductor factory entry, Japan, Europe and the China Taiwan area each have 3, South Korea has two in the list. Intel this year estimated revenue to $56 billion 313 million, compared with 2015 growth of 8%, still in the semiconductor industry leading. Samsung ranked second, revenue growth is expected to grow to $43 billion 535 million, with Intel gap widened to 29.4%. TSMC estimated revenue growth of 11%, $29 billion 324 million, the growth rate for the top five manufacturers first. Qualcomm, Broadcom separated fourth and fifth, respectively, and 4% years estimated revenue increased 1% year. The whole point of view, the first 20 manufacturers only 5 revenue growth rate to two digits. In addition to TSMC, there are ninth Toshiba grew by 16%, the original (thirteenth) MediaTek grew by 29%, Apple grew by 17%, the growth of the sixteenth Nvidia 35%, eleventh. The report pointed out that if the Taiwan TSMC, Globalfoundries (GlobalFoundries) and UMC three pure foundry excluded, AMD, and SHARP Hass in order to be ranked eighteenth, 19 and 20. (the authorized by MoneyDJ news reprint) for more information, please pay attention to the WeChat public account: Technews Science News相关的主题文章: