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From "Nanxi River", and a half day idle [eleven] – special tourism Sohu strayed into the "Nanxi River", and a half day idle if you go to every place that need a reason to come to Nanxi River, only to repair a moring! Here the beautiful river cliff, such as cut rock, ancient villages, each one can let you calm down, neither fast nor slow to watch. Cloud, waterfall fly, raft boat tour, strayed into Nanxi River, into the landscape, the thin tender of the Roasted Whole Lamb, just think, had been leaning and drool with envy! Waterfall, standing on the cliff bottom, head wind blowing cool, waterfall, sleepy dunxiao. Zhejiang three hundred in Xiushui "Nanxi River" is located in Nanxi River of Zhejiang Province, Wenzhou city Yongjia County, north of the south, away from the urban area of Wenzhou, adjacent to the East and Yandang Mountain, West Jinyun Xiandu, near Chinese the most beautiful village in Wuyuan. The north and the Xianju scenic area bordering Mount Huangshan Chinese near one of the ten famous mountains, it is a national AAAA class tourist area, the world geological park. Nanxi River, the mountains, strange rocks, waterfalls, ancient village, Tan Lin beauty "and other unique landscapes and well-known in the world, scenic area is divided into Nanxi, rock, rock, if Taipingyan, Tan Xi, four seamounts, the source of seven scenic areas, a total of more than and 800 scenic spots. Here, how can you miss Nanxi River will experience! See rock odd Sigiriya Lion Rock, fisherman fishing tours birds "concept in Tianzhu," said the rock, delicious Roasted Whole Lamb, feel inclined hundred waterfall, waterfall fresh wind, walk the cobbled plain elegant Lishui ancient street, walk the ancient village, the old brick warm breath, slow down and listen to those old stories alley! Tour [Sigiriya Lion Rock] is located in the beautiful landscape of rock town under Sichuan village before the lake, shore stations afar, its shape resembles a lion play ball, named Sigiriya Lion Rock, Nanxi River natural bonsai. Here you can see the raft and teams, cormorants to catch fish Creek scene. [address]: Twin Towers road in Puxi [Yongjia oubeizhen Wenzhou County, Zhejiang province []: free tickets to the opening time: 8:00~18:00] [suggestion]: 1 hours [play] traffic: WenZhou Railway Station, take the 33 road bus to the unmanned Alan Pavilion pier, approximately 25 minutes, 1 yuan fare, and then ride to the North Ferry (time 10-15 minutes, fare 1 yuan), out of the dock is Oubei terminal station. There is a bus terminal station Oubei arrived in Sigiriya Lion Rock’s major scenic spots. The departure from Wenzhou, the water bus to the bus to the Oubei dike rock town [Lishui streets] Lishui ancient street was built in the eastern edge of the village head rock, rock head is the only one in Nanxi River to take a comprehensive layout of water conservancy facilities of the village. Founded in the Five Dynasties for the Kim dynasty, the settlement of. The village sits east of the west, the mountains and ocean surface, three rock and four gates. Through a total length of 300 meters, a roof covered corridor, orderly hanging red lanterns, antique flavor. On the other side of the lake is full of willow crape myrtle, on the red and green garden, Fangqianwuhou -相关的主题文章: