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Fresh edible fungus can not eat? Recommended 3 black fungus diet – Shaanxi Channel – People’s original title: fresh fungus can not eat? Recommended 3 black fungus diet recipes in our view, the food must be more fresh and healthy, but some ingredients are not the case. Today to introduce the weight loss ingredients black fungus is not suitable to eat fresh, this is why? Let’s go and see. Why not eat fresh fungus because in fresh fungus, contains a porphyrin photosensitizer, people after eating the sun can cause skin itching, edema, can cause severe skin necrosis. Therefore, it is generally considered not to eat fresh edible fungus, dried fungus. The exposure processing dried fungus, in the exposure process will break down most of the porphyrin, but before eating, dry edible fungus and soaked with water, which contains residual porphyrin will dissolve in water, so the water dry wood and food safety. It should be noted that, when you need to change the number of dry soak several times. Daily rules to eat fungus if cooking methods are not right, will also be a large number of nutrient loss. Auricularia auricula is the most important component of Auricularia auricula polysaccharide. It is not only conducive to lowering blood lipids, blood sugar, anti thrombosis, as well as anti radiation, anti ulcer effect. However, the fungus polysaccharide is easily affected by temperature, cooking time will be destroyed for a long time. Therefore, to retain the full nutrition of the fungus, the best way is to mix. When eating, directly to the fungus with cold water soak, then add salad dressing on the line. In addition, the bubble fungus is best not to exceed 2 hours, so you can reduce the loss of nutrients dissolved in water. Bubble hair after washing with water several times. Next, we recommend what to eat black fungus diet. A diet of black fungus black fungus ingredients: black fungus, green peppers, carrots, mashed garlic, salt, MSG, pepper, dried chili hot water, cold vinegar. Practice: the first black fungus in the warm water in the bubble hair, and then use a piece of water to clean, you can also use salt or flour to clean. The green peppers and carrots are sliced, cleaned by hand torn piece of black fungus. On the pot boiling water, the black fungus boiled, then boiled green peppers and carrots, remember boiled quickly put in cold water too cold, to keep its color and crisp. The boiled black fungus, green peppers and carrots in a bowl, add mashed garlic, pepper, salt, monosodium glutamate, pepper, vinegar salad together stir it. Fried black fungus: raw water fungus 200g, red pepper, pepper, aniseed 12 root amount 2, soy sauce 1 spoon, 1 tablespoons oil, 2 slices of ginger, onion 2 piece (can not put). Practice: when the oil is hot, add ginger and fungus, stir slightly after adding soy sauce and the amount of water, boil, add pepper, aniseed to simmer about 8 minutes off the fire plate. Black fungus burning grass carp raw materials: 100 grams of black fungus, grass carp meat 250 grams, vegetable oil 300 ml (real consumption of about 50 ml), green onion, ginger, Yellow Wine, pepper, wet starch, salt, fresh soup, the amount of msg. Practice:)相关的主题文章: