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Four year old girl died of suffocation in the forgotten school bus kindergarten 9 hours did not find – Beijing September 8th, someone broke the news that a 4 year old girl in Tianjin, allegedly Jingtai Hedong District sunshine in the bilingual kindergarten school bus driver died of suffocation caused by forgetting in a school bus. According to the Tianjin Provincial Public Security Bureau official informed that the accident, the accident is due to the maintenance of the driver brake forget girls in the school bus. At present, the school bus driver and kindergarten responsible person has been taken criminal coercive measures. Death autopsy results show that girls choked to death in September 8th, according to friends broke the news that micro-blog in September 7th, about 7:45 in the morning, a 4 year old Tianjin girl Cheng Yu (a pseudonym) sitting on a school bus, until 5 pm before receiving the notice of the parents of children in kindergarten, said the girl is Tianjin Medicine Second Affiliated Hospital emergency room, parents rushed to the hospital when the child has no signs of life. Beijing Youth Daily reporter contacted the family on the matter. Cheng Yu’s uncle said, Cheng Yu four years old this year, in Hedong District Jing Tai sunshine in the bilingual kindergarten class. "There are ten minutes’ drive from Yujia to kindergarten." September 7th at 7:45 in the morning, Cheng Yu father in accordance with the usual practice to send the child down the stairs, watching the children sit on the kindergarten school bus before leaving. According to Cheng Yu uncle introduced, kindergarten school bus is a private Buick car, the child sitting behind the driver’s position, when the car only the driver and Cheng Yu two. I do not know if we have only one person in the bilingual kindergarten or other reasons, to pick up her school bus has been the driver and Cheng Yu." Cheng Yu’s uncle recalled, 7 days at 5 pm, Cheng Yu kindergarten parents received a telephone call, said the children in the Second Affiliated Hospital of Chinese medicine Cheng Yujia on the opposite side of the rescue, let the parents quickly in the past, but did not tell their parents because of what. Five minutes later, Cheng Yu’s parents arrived at the hospital emergency room, only to see the child face, hands and ears purple, clothes and hair all wet, wide eyed. "The doctor told them they had no signs of life." Subsequently, Cheng Yu immediately to the East Branch of Changzhou Road police station police, the police arrived at the hospital at 5:30 or so, with the child’s parents will be informed of the results of the investigation will be notified within three days after the completion of the record. In the evening, the hospital autopsy results show that Cheng Yu died of suffocation. Questioned within 9 hours of kindergarten are not found abnormal Cheng Yu’s uncle said the tragedy is caused because of lax supervision of the kindergarten, the kindergarten is not every class is named, from time to time, place, the director did not go without naming. Cheng Yu sat in the first row, but the child did not come to class, but no teacher told us." Parents contacted on the matter to the kindergarten after being told, because the driver’s carelessness, forgot to take the kids to get off, and closed the doors and windows, cause the child in the car suffocated. In the afternoon, when the school, the driver to pick up the process of school, the teacher told him that Cheng Yu has not come to class one day, when the driver just want to go through the process is still in the car. After the driver arrived in the car to find the process of jade has died, and then call the kindergarten emergency call, the child to the hospital. sugar相关的主题文章: