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Five to 30 years to turn over rural bride price survey: hundreds of times many farmers back into poverty due to marriage in Beijing Fujian Longyan hongkeng Hakka rural wedding. Wu Long rephotography Beijing 27 September, talked about his son’s marriage, Henan guy Chen Jie’s mother straight sigh: "the matchmaker said, you want to marry a wife, at least to a 30% than others (Cai Liqian)". Chen Jie in Linzhou Linqi Town, home to several generations of farmers, family condition is not very good. In the local, there is a "poorer" view, mean the man home poorer, betrothal gifts must give more, in order to give the girl a "security". Bride price, is not a new topic, a heavy social topic is. It often occurs in rural areas, especially in some poor areas, so that many families unbearable. With the eleven long holiday season, rural marriage is about to enter the "season", the rural area over the bride how expensive? Recently, reporter dispatched to Heilongjiang, Fujian, Jiangxi, Henan, Shaanxi and other places in rural areas were investigated. The bride price is less than 30 years turned over hundreds of times as 30-50 million new farmers burden! This is a poor county in Heilongjiang given the bride price bill. Helen is located in the central region of Heilongjiang Province, is the national key counties for poverty alleviation and development. In such an area is not rich, in recent years, the rural bride price phenomenon has great market. "Now you have 25 to 300 thousand cash price, if you buy a car, buy a house in the town will be 500 thousand." Fumin Xiang Hai min Cun Helen villagers Zhao Qingshan said, immediately facing the marriage problem, son graduated from college, but they are a family of three annual net income is 30 thousand yuan, marry a daughter-in-law to save at least 10 years. "When we get married just more than 1 thousand piece cailiqian, less than 30 years turned over hundreds of times." Zhao Qingshan sighed with emotion. Similar to the situation in rural areas of Heilongjiang, the reporter found that the "bride price" phenomenon in rural and ingrained, there is a growing trend. In Jiangxi Poyang County Township, each situation is different, but the price is generally in 10-15 yuan, in some places can even reach 20-30 million price. This is a rural residents per capita disposable income of only 6207 yuan of agricultural counties, is tantamount to astronomical. According to Wang Xiaofang Poyang County Baisha Township deputy mayor recalled, in fact five or six years ago, the bride price is very low. The past three years, I do not know what the reason is, Poyang County Rural cailiqian like wings, every year. In Henan, Anyang Linzhou, 60 thousand, 80 thousand yuan for rural bride price in the last two years, directly to 100 thousand yuan now bottoming. In addition to the "real money" bride money, the family generally also called "motionless" ("move" refers to more than 100 thousand yuan a car; "real" is in the urban areas have a house). In Fujian, around the countryside is a huge gap from the dowry, 000 yuan to millions of dollars. Fujian Hakka rural wedding dowry in more than ten million; in Wuyishan, Fujian coastal city rural market is ten yuan fee; and the coastal city of Putian, Lingchuan zhongmen;相关的主题文章: