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[map] turbine is the main theme of measured four turbocharged car auto Sohu recommended – page first: Beijing Benz E class car Sohu [ ] to speak of; review vocabulary is the most popular, "feelings", it is the expression of the past things don’t miss or emotion. There are also in the car circle, is that some friends of the naturally aspirated engine that feeling, they on the turbocharged engine reliability and large displacement self-priming engine on the structure of congenital differences don’t sniff at the turbine engine, really so unbearable? The answer is, of course, the negative, we will use the four previously measured models, to explain to you the turbine is the main theme of the meaning. My colleague just before we tried on several of the naturally aspirated engine car are summarized, if you still can not let go of the feelings of self absorption of the engine, as well as the next step (article), see if you resonate with the party and whether or not your favorite models. If you don’t say much, here’s a look at today’s debut of the popular models! Beijing Benz E long wheelbase version of the price range: 43.68-49.98 million – engine pre listed models are equipped with 2.0T engine models – Comments on the new generation of Benz E level can be said to be one of the highest degree of concern listed models recently, compared with the same level of competition, whether it is the exterior or interior have the obvious advantage, the future market performance is worth looking forward to. Power, we test the model is equipped with 2.0T high power version, 0-100km h accelerated performance of 7.10s, no doubt the power of strong. Since the listing of the models are equipped with M274 2.0T turbocharged engine, this engine is all models while loading Beijing Mercedes Benz, will have certain influence on the new generation of E capacity, which affects the terminal market, increase phenomenon also can hardly be avoided. (Editor: pay fourth pages: Komatsu) SAIC Volkswagen Passat – Volkswagen Passat – price range: 18.39-33.29 yuan – 1.8T 2.0T 3.0L engine displacement: 1.4T V6 – 0-100km h accelerated test results: 7.56 seconds – car reviews the change of the medium-term Passat change in appearance is not very obvious, but with the MAGOTAN the same, the switched power assembly is the focus of the new, third generation EA888 2.0T engine performance in line with our expectations of it, to accelerate the achievement of 7.56s is completely satisfactory, whether urban or highway, overtaking is only momentary. This performance, but let me have an idea, that is, the power of 380TSI daily use of a little excess, TSI should be just right. Summary – maybe see here, the large displacement of multi cylinder engine self-priming fans have been indignant, comfort and other aspects than the naturally aspirated engine Tucao turbine. No)相关的主题文章: