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The death of Castro Fidel?   remembrance series buried haunt – International – original title: Fidel? Castro’s death remembrance series buried in Santiago de Cuba city in the heart of old Seth cespedes square, the south is the Yellow cathedral church, with the Golden Horn of the herald angels statue of glitter in the sun. The north is the blue and white of the municipal building, the building is in January 2, 1959, two, the Cuban Revolutionary leader Fidel? Castro proclaimed to the world the news of the victory of the Cuban revolution. Generation of Kennedy School, busily engaged in warfare, has gone. 25 in the middle of the night, Cuban leader Raul Castro announced a nationally televised speech that Cuban Revolutionary leader, Fidel, died at the age of 90, at the age of. Capital Havana people held a rally on the evening of 29, Fidel to make the final farewell to Castro. Later, his ashes will go east along the route of the Cuban revolution in 1959 to Santiago, where his revolution began. In July 26, 1953, Fidel? Castro led about 160 revolutionaries began to attack in northeastern Santiago Moncada barracks. This is a sign against the Batista regime revolution started. Was the Moncada barracks second military fortress, thousands of soldiers stationed, the huge disparity in the strength of the first uprising ended in failure. It was in the wake of the uprising that Castro, who was arrested in the trial, published a famous dictum, "judge me, no matter what, history will judge me not guilty of the crime", which is to be found in the trial of Fidel! In 1955, based on the pressure of the masses, Batista released the government of Cuba’s political prisoners, including participating in an attack on the Moncada barracks action Fidel? Castro and Raul Castro?. Later, the Castro brothers and revolutionary soldiers in exile in Mexico, ready to start a revolution to overthrow the regime of Batista. In November 25, 1956, a ship called the "Granma" of the ship carrying Fidel? 82 revolutionaries led by Castro from Mexico, sailing 7 days later, landed in the vicinity of Northwest Santiago maestra. Because the government forces have been ambushed, most of the soldiers were killed and a few surviving members in the Sierra maestra, began the extremely hard and bitter guerrilla warfare. After two years of struggle, by the end of 1958, Guevara and Camillo? Two? The revolutionary army led by Cienfuegos westwards towards Havana. A revolutionary army for the Batista government into a panic, Batista and I are in the morning of January 1, 1959, plane fled cuba. After learning the news, Fidel, the first time out of the mountains of the base area, came to the mountains outside the first city of Santiago, and Santiago to talk about the revolutionary army into the city matters. The next day, Santiago opened the city peacefully, and the revolutionary army took over the city. At the same time, the two revolutionary team also arrived in Havana. So, Fidel, on the Santiago municipal building, to gather in the square相关的主题文章: