Entry into the United States, some things can not be taken with the study experts list sugus

Some things can not enter the United States with foreign experts list – Beijing Central Broadcasting Network Beijing on September 11th news Chinese according to the voice of "global Chinese radio network" reported that the first time to study in the United States, one could make all the impression that entry inspection. If you think there is something he needs to fall into the zone in the States, you are completely mistaken. North Carolina State University in the United States to study high school students, which have deep feelings. Small Qiu recalled his experience, "the United States immigration, is deemed to be in need of character to fight, some people with a box of food and drink can be completely entry, some people only with a few boxes of dried beef will be pulled into a small dark room. The first time I went to the United States, is not what the concept of customs inspection, with a lot of beef, pork, dried meat floss cake like, meat snacks, is probably the character outbreak, customs officers did not check on me, let me also successfully entered the United States, but to the school. My roommate is a Chinese, he is also the first time in the United States, he brought a box of snacks are all confiscated by customs, he was brought up in a small room, by the customs officers to register his personal information, and a fine of $more than and 300, because he was caught in Losangeles. He later each time from Losangeles entry will be checked, now he dared not enter from there. Some friends said that if you fill in the prohibited food belt is checked in the entry on the list, if only to fight the character of snacks, try to make the customs officers do not find you." Light spell character is certainly not good, which to a large extent with lucky ingredients, then what things can be taken, what things are absolutely can not bring it? Study experts Mo Danyu suggested that the United States Customs is absolutely not allowed to import for the two categories of food, the first category is vegetable, can not take any kind of fresh fruits, vegetables, plants, seeds or plant products, if necessary, must be licensed, like the Chinese people may often encounter some of the Chinese herbal medicine, some tea or coffee, because it may contain prohibited entry components, it is recommended that you do not take. The second is the meat and leather, it is in order to animal pests or pest control, and all kinds of raw meat or animal fur, leather, cattle or livestock, including eggs, and all these things without permission are not allowed into the territory. For Chinese speaking, we may have normal eating habits would love some like jerky, beef jerky, dried pork, ham and other like a bird’s nest, these are in this class of prohibited products. There are some meat food, for example, are packed into dried meat floss egg roll candy like beef, with meat stuffing or cakes, dumplings, and bread in the plane, if it contains meat actually can not enter the territory of the United states. There are hidden dangers of avian influenza bird’s nest, bird’s nest or nest in canned cakes. Also worth mentioning is that many students want to cook with convenient soup soup treasure such products, it also belongs to the content of the ban, because.相关的主题文章: